A suitcase that can poach an egg? Yes, please


Milan-based designer Marc Sadler is the brains behind these innovative cases. Source: Pete Bellis / Unsplash

HOW many times have you been stuck in an airport overnight with no place to stay, nowhere to eat and nowhere to check emails?

It’s a common occurrence, albeit frustrating.

Luckily for us, an Italy-based designer has heard our pleas and delivered a three-piece luggage equipped with a bed, a kitchen and an office.

Say what?

First spotted by Lonely Planet, the “travel hacks”-worthy luggage comprises of three aluminum bags, all of which are beautiful and serve an array of functions.

The man behind the brilliant creation is designer and innovator Marc Sadler.

Back in the early seventies, Sadler perfected the first thermal-lined ski boot, which made snow sports more enjoyable and frostbites easier to dodge.

Not shy about bringing his visions to life, Sadler fashioned these uber niche and perfectly practical suitcases.

The three cases will be sold as part of the Bank Collection by suitcase brand Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano. And as you may have guessed, they’re not cheap.

But then again, why should such craftsmanship be? Here are the marvelously multi-functional suitcases, prices and all.

The Workstation (US$5,790)

The Workstation. Source: Marc Sadler

An office on wheels would save a lot of time in everyday scenarios, but especially when you’re on the go.

The Workstation offers a fold-out desk, a beautiful collapsible chair, and drawers. It’s the perfect place to get in a good head space to produce great work.

The Bedstation (US$8,154)

The Bedstation. Source: Marc Sadler

This could possibly the most luxurious “camp bed” in existence.

The fold-out wooden frame and ultra-soft mattress topper create comfort, while the aluminum casing creates a little privacy around you.

 The Cookstation (US$7,681)

The Cookstation. Source: Marc Sadler

The latest addition and most impressive is the fully functioning Cookstation.

It comes with built-in power, a cooktop, minifridge, several drawers with cutlery and a foldable chopping table.

The Cookstation suitcase will be released imminently as part of the collection so keen chefs can enjoy home-cooking when they’re away.

Purchasing the entire luggage collection may cost you more than the vacation itself, but can you really put a price on luxury convenience?