Asia’s most enchanting tourism videos

Tourism videos

Tourism videos give you a glimpse of a destination before you get there. Source: Shutterstock

THE global tourism industry is worth an estimated US$7.6 trillion and almost every nation in the world is angling to entice travelers.

One of the ways they do this is through promotional tourism videos.

Methods of tourism promotion have evolved with technology, from the days of beautiful, hand-drawn tourism posters to the multimedia creations of today.

Videos provide travelers with a sneak peek of the destinations which await them.

Whether they’re created by tourism boards or amateur filmmakers commemorating their trip, each promotional video is enticing.

Some target niche audiences while others appeal to every sense in the human body, playing on people’s adventurous side or tempting them with unrivaled serene calm.

Here our favorite tourism videos, certain to get you contemplating quitting your job and venturing off.


The point-of-view camera shot lets you be the person exploring Malaysia.

From the shushing ocean of Redang island in Terengganu to traditional dikit barat performances, and sampling some of Malaysia’s finest dishes, to snorkeling in the Perhentian islands and making new friends.

Created by Malaysia Truly Asia, the short film tugs on your sense of exploration.


Amazing Thailand figured the best way to show off their nation is to take viewers on a tour of Thailand through the eyes of real travelers.

Real travelers’ footage were compiled to appeal to those with wanderlust.

The video addresses different communities, including LGTBQ+, animal lovers, adrenaline junkies, foodies and anyone who is “open to new discoveries”.


A perfect union of tradition meeting the future happens in this video.

Tranquil temple scenes are juxtaposed with busy hawker-filled streets.

An immaculately dressed geisha is contrasted with a futuristic arcade and traditionally pulled rickshaws with AI robots.

Japan’s natural beauty fleets through the video and is complemented with beaming smiles of locals.


An oldie, but a goodie.

The narrator’s deep voice lulls you into relaxation while he tells you a tale of Fiji.

“Happiness lives here because here it is not hunted, not chased or pursued. You simply come here, and happiness will find you”, he says.

Sapphire skies and crystal waters, vacationers and locals, wildlife and marine life are all harmoniously featured in the video.

While it may be short and simple, it works a treat.


Being the largest archipelago in the world with 13,466 islands, fitting the best of Indonesia into just a three-minute clip might sound hard, but Indonesia Travel did it – and won an award.

The paradise nation straddles the equator and provides visitors with both the Indian and Pacific Oceans, as well as towering volcanoes, and lush rainforest.

With the sweet sound of Louise Armstrong’s Wonderful World playing over the top of stunning scenes, the video takes you on an immersive tour of Indonesia.

Sri Lanka

Shot by the ultimate #couplegoals duo, Salt in our Hair, the two-minute video showcases the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Using slow motion and zoomed in to super zoomed out shots, the film captures the diversity of Sri Lanka’s landscapes.

From rocky hills to extensive railways lines trundling over viaducts and long shorelines to cascading waterfalls, Sri Lanka is displayed in all its magnificence.


The Tourism Promotions Board roped in The Black Eyed Peas rapper and Philippine’s tourism ambassador, (real name Allan Pineda Lindo), to write a song for the video.

Titled It’s More Fun in the Philippines, takes viewers on a tour of the country, from Manila to Bohol and everywhere else.

Local people, traditional crafts, water sports, beaches, nightlife and cuisines all feature in the video.

Although some of his rhymes may be a little questionable, the video certainly exhibits the beauty of the Philippines.