Can you relate to these Asia-Pacific travelers’ hotel habits?

Even the most well-traveled Asia-Pacific traveler is not without his or her quirks. Source: Shutterstock.

ASIA-PACIFIC travelers are among the most well-traveled globally.

In fact, the travel industry will see an increased share of tourism from the Asia-Pacific as more of these travelers take to the skies, roads, and seas across regions. According to Sabre, four out of five Asian travelers say that travel is no longer a luxury for them – it’s a necessity.

According to Expedia‘s 2018 Global Flight & Hotel Etiquette study, Thailand topped the list with its travelers boarding an average of 10.1 flights in the past year, followed by Japan with an average of 9.1 flights and India with an average of 7.6 flights.

The frequency of air travel among Asia-Pacific travelers is also significantly higher than travelers from the US – who only flew an average of 4.8 times in the past year, as well as travelers from Europe.

Whether new or well-seasoned, people in Asia-Pacific generally travel more frequently by air than their counterparts from Europe, North America, and Latin America. But their hotel etiquette habits still differ significantly when contrasting travel behaviors across various Asia-Pacific markets, perhaps due to Asia-Pacific being an extremely diverse region.

Here’s a look at the 10 defining habits of Asia-Pacific travelers in terms of their hotel etiquette:


This group of travelers is most likely to make full use of the toiletries provided by the hotel.

73 percent of Australian travelers shared that they currently do so, followed by 72 percent of travelers from Malaysia who do the same.

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Hong Kong

They’re the most sensitive to dirty or foul-smelling hotel rooms.

90 percent of Hong Kong travelers will likely ask for a change of rooms should they find it dirty or unpleasing to them.

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Surprisingly, Indian travelers are most likely to have flings and meet strangers from the internet in their hotel rooms.

21 percent of Indian travelers admitted that they have done either, and in greater numbers compared to travelers from the other Asia-Pacific markets.

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These East Asians are most likely to book big chain hotels, with 83 percent of Japanese travelers choosing chain hotels as their top choices.

In contrast, Singaporean travelers tend to like boutique hotels better, with 69 percent of travelers preferring this option.

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Malaysians are most cost-conscious when it comes to selecting a hotel.

74 percent of Malaysian travelers said cost was a “very important” factor when choosing a hotel, ahead of travelers from Singapore and South Korea with 70 percent and 68 percent of travelers agreeing with this.

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New Zealand

This other group of travelers from Down Under finds noisy neighbors most problematic.

63 percent are likely to ask for a change of rooms when they encounter such neighbors, ahead of the 55 percent of travelers from Australia and Thailand who would do the same.

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Singaporean travelers are the most Wi-Fi obsessed travelers in Asia-Pacific and the third most Wi-Fi obsessed travelers in the world behind Brazil (83 percent) and USA (82 percent).

80 percent of Singapore travelers chose Wi-Fi as a “very important” hotel amenity, followed by Malaysian travelers with 76 percent and Hong Kong travelers with 74 percent doing the same.

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Parents, hold on tight to your children as Taiwanese travelers tend to be annoyed by inattentive parents at hotels, and 62 percent of Taiwanese travelers agree on this point.

In contrast, only 50 percent of Hong Kong travelers find inattentive parents annoying, while 50 percent of South Korean travelers chose in-room revelers as the most annoying guests at a hotel.

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South Korea

South Koreans topped the list as the group of travelers that are most likely to book hotel rooms for being intimate.

50 percent of South Korean travelers have booked a room specifically for intimacy, way ahead of American travelers who came in second with 30 percent of travelers who would do the same.

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The Thais are among the savviest when it comes to booking flight and hotel packages.

In fact, 36 percent of Thai travelers would simultaneously book a flight and hotel travel package, ahead of markets such as Hong Kong and South Korea, with 30 percent and 26 percent of travelers who would do the same respectively.

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