Could you be a travel buddy from hell?

Drop these traits/quirks the next time you’re on holiday with your friends. Source: Shutterstock.

HOLIDAYS are meant to be fun and relaxing, and not just for that one person in the group.

We get it, everybody has their own traits and quirks. But some travel buddies are so horrible, they can even affect your finances.

And when you have to be around this travel companion 24 hours a day for a stretch of days, it can affect the quality of your vacation and dampen your mood.

Some of these traits are mild, but depending on the level of your patience, it can also be a deal breaker.

The know-it-all

While it’s nice to have a travel buddy who is informed and willing to share information, too much of a good thing can be annoying.

Especially those who ramble on about the most random facts and dishes out information that you didn’t ask for although he/she has never been there before.

Worse if said know-it-all refuses to take advice and leads you to all the wrong directions, causing everyone to end up in the wrong locations.

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The over planner

You’re on holiday with friends, not a tour group. There’s really no need to plan things to a tee or pack the itinerary with about a thousand and one things to do.

Unless if it’s a short trip and you know you’ll be time-starved, always leave room for spontaneity and more importantly, rest.

Holidays shouldn’t feel like you’re marathon-ing around town trying to cover as much ground as possible. Just chill and roll with it.

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The one who doesn’t bring his/her own stuff

If you leave for a holiday fully prepared, that’s great. But not so great if your travel companion expects you to prepare ahead for him/her too.

Most people are nice enough to share toothpaste, conditioner, make-up remover, or smartphone juice from a power bank.

However, it’s just courteous and considerate to make sure you pack everything you’ll need and not assume people will have your back.

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The “privileged”

Oh, you know the type. The one who never offers to take out the trash. The one who wakes up later than everyone else and dilly-dallies.

The one who doesn’t even want to be responsible enough to keep track of their own finances or calculate the currency conversion on his/her own.

Don’t make going on holiday with you a chore for other people on the trip. It’s their holiday too. So how about behaving like an adult?

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The I.O.U

On most occasions, one person will have to pick up the tab for the bookings (airfare, accommodation) first when planning a holiday. But don’t take it for granted.

If the trip has been booked more than half a year in advance, take the effort to pay back what you owe – at least before the trip. Leaving it up to your friend to bug you for it is not cool.

Your travel companion is not your ATM. Money issues or debt can tear a friendship apart and give your friend second thoughts about ever traveling with you again.

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The tornado

Nobody likes waking up to what looks like an aftermath of a tornado or coming home to a messy accommodation.

You’re probably not expected to make your own bed but those dried up make-up wipes need to go into the bin. And the remnants of your instant noodles supper from the night before too.

The golden rule is: If this is not the way you would treat your own home, then clean up after yourself.

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The tagalong

Yes, it’s nice to be the one who has no complaints and just quietly following “according to plan”.

But it’s different if it’s obvious you haven’t done any research at all about the destination – especially if you’re just always standing around waiting for someone else to make the decisions.

When visiting a foreign country, it’s helpful to at least read up on some cultural or language factors. You may even stumble upon interesting things that you’d like to do and places that you’d like to see, and contribute to the planning.

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And finally, just a word of advice: Be the travel buddy that you want to travel with.

You won’t go wrong.