Discover your inner scooter kid in Singapore

Gogreen brand ambassador and shareholder Jackie Chan poses with an e-scooter. Source: Pintrest

FORGET bike-sharing.

All the cool kids are going to be zooming around Singapore on scooters by the end of the year.

Known as the garden city, Singapore is constantly making moves to keep the island sustainable and liveable.

The city-state has come a long way from slums, pollution, and traffic since its independence in 1965.

Singapore has incentive schemes to ensure acres of land are reserved for greenery. Marina Bay, for example, replaces lost greenery from construction and provides a “green lung” in the city, Singapore’s CEO of the Housing and Development Board told National Geographic.

As part of the green incentive schemes, green-building construction has been mandatory since 2008. New buildings must incorporate nature such as green roofs, cascading vertical gardens and verdant walls.

And now, the city is welcoming a new synergized partnership with GoGreen Holdings to trial the Gogreen dockless electric scooter.

Gogreen already offers visitors the chance to zip through downtown Singapore on bicycles and Segway miniPROs.

So, the addition of the Gogreen e-scooter simply gives visitors an added option.

The scooter was unveiled by martial arts star, Jackie Chan, who is a shareholder in GoGreen Holdings.

Chan said at the grand unveiling at One Fullerton on May 18, “this initiative not only promote green technology – something I strongly believe in – but the versatility of the Gogreen dockless scooters also allows travellers to discover the city at their own pace and time in a convenient and unique way, especially with an increasing number of free and independent travellers in Singapore.”

The fleet is made up of Segway KickScooter (ES2), devices that are easy to use and fairly zippy.

According to Gogreen, the scooters are a “fun way” for tourists and commuters to explore Singapore “while keeping their journey environmentally friendly.”

Gogreen is also hoping to team up with other transport-sharing platforms to create a larger scooter program set to launch later this year.

According to SGMagazine, scooter enthusiasts can find this latest mode of transportation around Marina Bay Sands and other touristy areas.

Soda or scooter?

The Gogreen flagship store in Downtown East, Singapore. Source: Gogreen / Facebook

For those living or staying in non-touristy areas, Gogreen has also just installed the world’s first Segway vending machine in Pasir Ris.

The giant machine can carry up to seven items at a time and dispense three types of devices: Segway MiniPro for SGD743 (US$555), ES2 Kickscooter SGD594 (US$443), and Segway MiniLite SGD594 (US$443).

The aim of the vending machine is to provide enthralled newbies a way to buy a scooter or Segway “on impulse” after trailing one round the city, Gogreen corporate sales manager Jimmy Ng told Cnet.

Safe to say that grabbing a scooter in Singapore is as easy as grabbing a can of soda.