Get comfy with these seven flying essentials


Carry on luggage is your best friend on a flight. Source: Shutterstock

TRAVELING can either be extremely stressful or go off without a hitch.

Often it all boils down to how you prepare for a trip.

While you can’t do much about flight delays or misplaced baggage, there are a few things you can do to help yourself.

For example, putting together a pre-flight kit bag with all your traveling essentials that you can leave packed between every flight for a quick grab ‘n’ go.

Alternatively, plan it a few days in advance so you know it will suit your trip.

These are the seven airplane essentials to take on every trip:

Wet wipes

Whether you’re flying long or short haul, wet wipes are essential.

Many airlines hand out hot towels around the cabin, but in between those moments you’re going to want to wipe your face.

They’re also good for wiping mucky seats and tray tables – ain’t no germs going to ruin your vacation.


Planes either stream a constant chilly air through the cabin or make it too toasty. A hoodie makes sure you’re the perfect temperature.

It can also double up as a soft pillow, a welcome break from the scratchy “pillows” the airlines provide.

Power banks

Picture this: you’re off the plane, ready to get the vacation started, and your phone dies. So do all your bookings, directions, and numbers.

You can cry, nobody will judge you.

However, taking along a power bank will prevent this situation.

But be careful, as not all power banks can fly.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organizations’ latest technical instructions, a carry-on power bank must have less than 100Wh (26000mAh) or risk security confiscating it.

A good book

Whether it sits in your bag the whole time or you whizz through the pages at lightning speed, the comfort of knowing you have a book to read is a must.

Why not pack that classic you’ve always wanted to read? Or the latest thriller you haven’t had a chance to read at home?


When the mini pretzels and dinky meals don’t satisfy your cravings, you’ll be thankful you packed those extra snacks.

Try not to go carb-heavy on long haul flights though. Items such as protein bars, popcorn, and dried fruit are brilliant.

Hand sanitizer

You’re sorely mistaken if you think your cabin crew has the time to individually clean every seat between journeys.

A quick sweep around the cabin and the next passengers are welcomed on board.

You can never be too sure of who was sitting in your seat just before you. Perhaps someone with a bad cold.

A hand sanitizer will ensure you don’t transmit any nasties into your mouth when you delve into those pre-packed snacks.

Travel footwear

It’s no secret flying causes cankles – when your calves and ankles blend into one due to water retention.

Often your feet swell too, so you’re probably going to want to take your shoes off, right?

Well, spare a thought for others who may not want to see your hairy, potentially stinky tootsies.

Pack some fluffy socks or foldable slippers and be the comfiest, most non-offensive person on the plane.