Hello Kitty fans, here’s your first look at the Hello Kitty Shinkansen

This train will be quite a sight zooming through the Japanese countryside. Source: JR West.

WE CAN HEAR fans from all over the globe collectively shriek with glee as the first images of the highly anticipated Hello Kitty Shinkansen are released.

In fact, it’s likely the mad rush for the tickets will soon begin.

In March 2018, Japanese rail operator JR West announced it would be working with Sanrio on eight pink-coated bullet trains that connect the western cities of Osaka and Fukuoka.

The route includes trains calling from Shin-Osaka station all the way to Hakata on a daily basis.

The collaboration was launched in hopes of revitalizing connections between the regions.

Everything about this train is Instagrammable. Source: JR West.

Needless to say, the trains, themed “Kawaii! Room” and “Hello! Plaza” will be quite a sight zooming through the Japanese countryside.

The one-of-a-kind Shinkansen can reach a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour and features pink interiors adorned with images of Japan’s favorite cat, and her trademark bows and ribbons.

As if that’s not Instagrammable enough, there will be a Hello Kitty-themed photobooth onboard “Kawaii! Room” because you know what they say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”

Not a single spot within reach left undecorated. Source: JR West.

Of course, no Hello Kitty Shinkansen is complete without Hello Kitty seats and other feline trimmings.

The bullet train will also be fitted with large, comfy and suitably themed seats, as well as armrests and headrests.

According to the artist renditions released on the JR West website, they certainly aren’t letting themselves miss any spots as even the floor will be decorated.

It’s the train of every Hello Kitty fan’s dreams. Source: JR West.

In the “Hello! Plaza” train, fans will find an exhibition area and a gift shop featuring regional specialties such as food products and souvenirs.

So if you’re thinking of picking up some exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise to remember your epic Shinkansen ride by, you know which train you should be taking.

Also, keep your ears pricked for a certain cheery chime because the Shinkansen’s usual jingle will be replaced with a Hello Kitty theme song.

The exciting bullet train ride will debut on June 30, 2018.

It will operate on most days from June 30 to Sept 29, 2018. October dates and beyond will be released once confirmed.