How to claim a hotel tax rebate in South Korea

Tax rebate

South Korean lady wears the traditional Chima. Source: Johen Redman

NOW you can be bougie on a budget in South Korea with the newly introduced 10 percent tax refund for international travelers.

Over 50 certified hotels all over South Korea are offering international guests tax refunds.

The terms:

All non-Korean visitors who stay at one of the selected hotels for longer than two nights and less than 30 days, can reclaim 10 percent of the tax on the booking.

While travelers can only stay at each of the hotels for 30 days, the tax rebate can be offered for travelers remaining in the country for up three months.

The hotel tax refund includes pre-paid breakfast at the hotel, but guests won’t be able to claim any additional services charged to the room.

So, think twice before ordering that vintage bottle of Moet and side of caviar.

How to claim your tax back:

  • Upon check-in, request a tax refund guide and a tax refund checklist.
  • Enjoy your stay.
  • Upon check-out, submit the hotel tax refund checklist and receive a tax refund form.
  • Guests can then either claim the refund from the hotel itself or find one of the tax refund centers in town.

The hotels:

A full list of hotels included in the tax refund can be found on the Visit Korea page.

From Seoul to Gyeonggi-do to Busan and Jeju-do, the hotels offer something for every traveler’s budget.

Here are some of our favorites.

GLAD Gangnam COEX Center, Gangnam

The city hotel matches homeliness and modern chic effortlessly. GLAD can accommodate the modern business traveler, couples, families, and single adventurers.

Shilla Stay Jeju, Jeju

On South Korea’s largest island lies the perfect hotel for urban explorers and wilderness seekers.

Shilla Stay Jeju offers guests plenty of unique packages such as the Stay More Save More, Early Bird and Welcome to Korea promotions.

So, whether you’re staying for a while to visit every corner of the island or for a short weekend break, Shilla is a great choice.

Benikea Marianne Haeundae Hotel, Busan

“Bleisure” travelers, rejoice! This hotel is for you.

Benikea Marianna Haeundae Hotel is close to Haeundae Beach for after work relaxation but also has a brilliant 24-hour business center for those late-night conference calls.

Remember: The list of hotels is subject to change so always check with your hotel before booking.

Yay! More money for bibimbap!