Learn the art of combining business with leisure

Make the most out of your business travel with these hacks. Source: Shutterstock.

THE “BLEISURE” trend has really kicked off and is becoming highly encouraged, but what is the best example of doing “bleisure” right?

Look no further than a high-profile meet between two world leaders that’s scheduled for June 12, 2018 –  the Trump-Kim summit

For the uninitiated, Singapore has been chosen as the venue to host the historic meeting.

Kim Jong Un will travel a significant distance out of his comfort zone (Singapore is 4,828km from Pyongyang) on his Soviet-made long-range craft, the Ilyushin-62, and Trump will travel even further on the Air Force One, the US President’s plane.

This presents opportunities for the leaders to add a few days’ to the trip for a quick holiday after the work is done.

“Kim can make like his jet-setting contemporaries and stay for a few extra days in Singapore, tucking into hawker fare and taking selfies at the Marina Bay Sands’ infamous infinity pool. He could even invite his erstwhile nemesis, and perhaps new-found political associate, for a round of golf,” SCMP wrote.

Bird’s eye view of the city skyline in Singapore. Source: Shutterstock.

According to Bridgestreet Global Hospitality’s report, 78 percent of “bleisure” travelers agree that adding leisure days to business travel adds value to work assignments, with the top reason for “bleisure” travel being the desire to see the world and gain cultural experiences.

So, tempted to jump right into it and organize your first “bleisure” trip? Here are some tips:

Work comes first

Yes, you are extending your business trip for personal purposes, but that doesn’t mean you should your boss or your colleagues in the dark.

More so if the company is taking care of your travel and accommodation expenses.

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Be very open with the necessary people – colleagues, boss, HR – about your plans add personal time to your trip. Maybe offer to work remotely, even.

They’d appreciate it.

Save on your annual leave

If your travel days/dates are entirely up to you, plan it around a weekend.

Plan it so that you can arrive or leave on a weekend to give yourself the luxury of exploring the city before or after work is done.

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Better yet, check if there are any mid-week bank holidays that will coincide with your trip.

Then squeeze your trip in between.

Pack smart, pack right

Don’t push yourself into a corner by not packing right and end up with absolutely nothing casual to wear.

Perhaps pack clothes that are versatile or use packing cubes to properly organize your “for work” and “for play” outfits.

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Alternatively, check in one luggage of “for play” gear and chuck your “for work” items (clothing plus electronics) in a cabin luggage.

Sorting out made easy.

Do something nice

Whether it’s upgrading your hotel room to a suite or picking an accommodation of your choice for those extra days, be sure to treat yourself.

Go to a spa, spend a day out at the golf course, check out a wine-pairing restaurant, hope onto a yacht tour, or watch a movie in premium class.

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Do something that your future self will thank you for.

You deserve it.

Go local

When business takes you to a place where you have friends, make it a point to meet up with them.

Get them to introduce you to the best cafes in the neighborhood or their favorite dinner joint.

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This will allow you to really fill out what limited time you have with authentic local experiences.

So do as locals do.