Verdict: Seat-kickers are officially the worst

Seat-kickers have been voted the worst people on flights. Source: Andrew Palmer

CAN you recall the worst flight of your life?

Perhaps there was severe turbulence, screaming newborn triplets, or maybe the airline had run out of your favorite pretzel snacks?

Flying often comes with apprehension. Anxiety kicks in about who you’ll sit next to, delays and general aerophobia all take their toll while traveling.

And some other passengers only make this worse with their ignorant, bolshie behavior and arm-rest-stealing tactics.

These passengers have caused such a ruckus in the travel industry, a whole study has been dedicated to them.

Booking platform Expedia has released the results of the 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette report.

The study asked nearly 19,000 travelers about their pet peeves, and here’s what they said:

The seat-kicker

For the fourth year a row, the blissfully ignorant seat-kicker came up trumps. Unless they are suffering from a medically diagnosed knee-jerk reaction, there is just simply no need for it.

Half of the respondents said seat-kicking, grabbing or knocking was their biggest in-flight gripe.

Stinky neighbor

Second on the list is the “aromatic passenger.”

You may like your food to be full of spice and flavor, but 43 percent said sitting next to a “fragrant” passenger is a sure way to ruin a journey.

We’re not talking too much cologne but emitting pungent body odors. Eew-eee!

Not taking care of kids

The inattentive parent came in third place with 39 percent of people identifying nonchalant parents letting their kids cause havoc as an annoyance.

Flying can be scary and boring for young children. It’s a parent’s job to make sure their children are occupied and safe.

But often, it falls on a stranger to get the kid’s TV working or help color in as the parent has a nap.

Space invaders

The people who insist on poking you with elbows as they take up the armrests also made the list.

It is so unfair when you pay for a whole 18-inches in economy class and someone encroaches on them.

Taking off your shoes and socks also made it on to the list. When asked, 90 percent of passengers agreed it is absolutely not fine to whip off stinky shoes and sweaty soaks.

And most certainly not okay to hoick feet up onto the chair or rest them on the one in front.

The study also found South Koreans are the most likely to get drunk on a flight and most travelers only recline their seats if the flight is longer than three hours.

Lastly, don’t be surprised if a fellow passenger wakes you from your slumber and accuses you of making a racket. 54 percent of people agree it’s okay to wake a snoring passenger.

Did your biggest travel gripes make it onto the list?