Why you may want to rethink your plane seat choice

Plane seat choice

Window seats are often the most desirable, but this button on the aisle seat armrest is changing that. Source: Shutterstock

WHICH is your plane seat of choice? Do you love to gaze out the window, get cozy in the middle or stretch your legs out at the aisle?

Whatever your preference, it may get enhanced.

Unlike the window and middle armrests which conveniently flip up to create extra room and comfort, the aisle armrest is notoriously stubborn.

But one frequent flyer has discovered the trick to making that aisle seat the best in the house, all thanks to this sneaky hidden button trick. “Where is it?”, you ask?

It’s located at the very back on the underside of the outmost armrest (say it slowly, and you’ll be fine). All you have to do is click the button in and lift up the armrest.

Okay, so it won’t make a cramped journey feel like utopia, but it does have its benefits.

Firstly, you won’t have to worry about pesky neighbors needing the bathroom while you’re trying to eat or work. Click that little switch and slide on out.

It also comes in handy when you need to retrieve something from the overhead compartment and can’t be bothered to make it into a military mission.

And when the plane lands, instead of doing that weird distorted pose while trying to grab yours and your neighbor’s bags, pop the armrest up and elegantly slide out

“Why weren’t we told this before?” you’re probably wondering. Well, if everyone knew this travel hack, it would defeat its purpose.

Cabin crew claim they are there for your “comfort and safety” but the emphasis is on safety.

The aisle seat’s armrest button is there for quick evacuation in case of an emergency.

There is only a short 90-second window of emergency evacuation time and pesky armrests would surely slow this down.

If you’re lumbered with the aisle seat on your next journey, try this trick out and be the talk of the aircraft.

But remember that your stretched out legs across the aisle may be bashed by the food and drinks trolley.

If you’re still a little confused as to where to find this mystery button, let frequent flyer Mike Corey show you.