6 toilets around the world take the throne for being the best

The world’s most royal flush-worthy toilets have been decided. Source: Shutterstock.

CLEAN TOILETS are a big deal, especially when you travel. A good design or accessibility is a plus, of course.

And in some parts of the world, awards are being handed out to those that excel in a certain category. Yes, you read right. Toilet awards are a thing.

The 2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards judges toilets (or washrooms, or lavatories, or dunnies, or loos, or WCs, whatever they may be called where you live) for their design, quirkiness, location, accessibility, and economic contribution to their locality.

Now in their second year, the International Toilet Tourism Awards aim to show the close link between innovative, clean toilets with great design and a successful local tourism economy.

Among the submissions received were from tourism destinations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Which ones took the throne in the end?

The winning tourism toilets from around the world across all six categories and the judge’s comments are:

Best Design

Where: The Saskatchewan Science Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“In judging this restroom, visual design scored very high.”

“The loo is a fully immersive experience by vision and sound. The toilets inside the science centre are like stepping into another world where you can do your business amid the sights and sounds of nature – without having to worry about bears. Overall, really well thought through.”

Best Economic Contributor

Where: The Cummins Mosaic Loo, Cummins, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, Australia.

“The way the Cummins community re-invented what was an old existing facility to bring it back to life in a new and quirky way was excellent.”

“The public toilets in the town have become a tourist attraction in their own right, which shows smart thinking by the local community. Unlike some entries in the awards, Cummins has few visitors. They have therefore done a great job creating a ‘must-see’ attraction that generates income for local businesses.”

Best Location

Where: Hotel La Jolla (A Curio Collection by Hilton), Shores Drive, La Jolla, California, USA.

“Guests can enjoy absolutely stunning views of La Jolla and the Pacific from the rest rooms.”

“Facing the coast, the large windows let in natural light which complements the restrained earth tone hues of the bathroom interior. The view from the loo connects visitors to the beautiful destination that surrounds them. Guests experience a wonderful vista bathed in constantly changing ocean light.”

Best Accessible Toilet

Where: Brisbane Airport, Queensland, Australia.

“Brisbane Airport’s accessible loos have set a new standard in enabling accessible travel.”

“Their whole approach has empowered travellers with disabilities and made it much easier for them and their carers to meet their needs with dignity and comfort. The loos for guide dogs also show that Brisbane Airport cares and takes a holistic approach to accessible travel.”

Quirkiest Experience

Where: Bowl Plaza, Lucas, Kansas, USA.

“The Bowl Plaza public toilet shows great community involvement that reflects Lucas town’s well-earned reputation as a leading grassroots arts destination.”

“The walls are covered with shards of porcelain, commemorative plates, kids’ action figures, toy cars, face masks and effigies. The whole space is a quirky altar to creativity run riot. Kids and adults love it. Bowl Plaza is now a major attraction in itself.”

Overall Winner and Category Winner for Overall Contribution to Toilet Tourism

Where: The James Bond Loos at Piz Gloria, Murren, Switzerland.

“Apart from the wonderful scenery at Mt Schilthorn, the James Bond bathrooms are also now a fun reason to go.”

“The toilets have immortalised James Bond and added a surprising humorous element to sightseeing in the one of the most dramatic locations in Europe.”