Explore the rainbow at Indonesia’s newest art exhibition

Yayoi Kusama is known for her use of bright colors and polka dots. Source: Flickr

THERE is no denying artists have their quirks. 

From Vincent Van Gogh’s ear to Salvador Dali’s pet anteaters, and Claude Monet’s lilypad-dusters to Damian Hurst’s obsession with dissecting animals – it’s all done in the name of art.

It’s these very oddities that keep us craving more of the creative work from people whose imaginations extend far beyond our own.

And Indonesia’s latest installment of bright and groovy artwork certainly offers just that.

Japanese born artist Yayoi Kusama’s celebrated Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow exhibition opened at Jakarta’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum Macan) in May, and people can’t get enough of it.

Each corner of the gallery is littered with dots of color, almost as if a rainbow sneezed and didn’t have a tissue to hand.

But this wasn’t the work of rainbow flu, Kusama is inspired to create by her mental and physical ailments, as the 89-year-old explained to Style, “my art originates from hallucinations only I can see.”

“All my works in pastels are the products of obsessional neurosis and are therefore inextricably connected to my disease.”

Kusama has been touring Asia-Pacific with her trademark polka dots and giant pumpkins since 2017.

This is the first large-scale exhibition of Kusama’s work to be presented in Indonesia.

It features over 130 artworks spanning Kusama’s almost 70-year career, from her early Flower to the intricate Love Forever series.

While the entire exhibition is wildly Instagrammable, it’s The Obliteration Room that remains a popular highlight.

Kusama invites gallery guests to get involved with the artwork by placing colored polka dot stickers around the room, creating something spectacular.

Visitors can explore the Life In The Heart Of A Rainbow exhibition until Septemeber 9. The Museum Macan website has all the information on buying tickets.

Adult tickets are US$7.20 (IDR100,000), Children $6.50 (IDR90,000) and concessions are $5.80 (IDR80,000).