How to beat the flight frenzy and win the luggage sprint

Flight frenzy

It’s a euphoric feeling seeing your baggage on the carousel. Source: Shutterstock

AIRPORTS don’t have to be infuriating places full of delays, dawdlers, and expensive food. 

These simple tricks are capable of turning your airport experience from a disgruntled clock-watching annoyance into a smug queue-beating activity.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the ingrained fear of your checked luggage “disappearing” in transit is something every flyer can relate to.

Perhaps you’re someone who rushes to the baggage carousel to avoid an accidental luggage swapsies.

Maybe the extended wait on the plane after landing annoys you, only made worse by the unnecessary shuffling of those in front with the occasional kid getting snagged on an armrest.

Whatever your pet peeve might be, master these methods to be among the first out the airport doors on your next trip:

How to be the first off the plane 

After a journey of any length, passengers are eager to get off the plane. But if you’re stuck at the back in economy class, you have to wait for the entire plane to disembark.

Yet a simple question to the cabin crew can change that. If you inform them you need to make a connecting flight, have to get out the airport quickly, or any other urgent reason, they might be willing to find you a spare seat at the front just before landing.

If the plane is full or you fluff your reason, you’ll probably remain at your designated seat.

Alternatively, pay a little extra for the perfect seat and guarantee to be the first into the terminal.

Getting your luggage first

According to Travel and Leisure, there are two ways to increase the chances of your bag being first on the carousel.

The first and safest method is to ask the check-in assistant to attach a fragile sticker to your bag. Not only will it be handled with care, but fragile bags are usually loaded last and offloaded first.

The second method is a little risky: be the last to check-in. Technically, your bag will be last on the plane and first off.

But then again there is always the possibility of you missing your flight altogether.

It’s worth noting different airlines and airports have various operating systems, so it’s not a promised method, but worth a shot.

Smile for free stuff 

Many commercial airliners offer various ticket classes. So, you can bet your bottom dollar those at the front of the aircraft are getting preferential treatment – they’ve paid for it of course.

However, if the first, business and premium economy class seats aren’t full, that usually means there are some freebies going.

You’d be pushing your luck asking for an upgrade, but you can request an in-flight amenity pouch containing premium toiletries.

The trick is to flash a few smiles and ask politely, the worst the crew can say is no.