An avid traveler’s guide to packing smart

Regardless of what you’ll put into your luggage first, here are some smart ways to pack those things. Source: Shutterstock,.

SOME TRAVELERS take up to a week or more to plan their #ootd-friendly outfits before packing them into a luggage while others aren’t as fussed, casually tossing things into a baggage 24 hours before a trip.

And everyone has different priorities.

According to our Twitter survey, clothes is the first thing travelers pack (55 percent), followed by electronics (20 percent).

Surprisingly, more people would pack snacks (14 percent) first over toiletries (11 percent).

No matter what kind of traveler you are and regardless of what you’ll put into your luggage first, here are some smart ways to pack those things, starting with what Travel Wire Asia’s readers prioritize the most – clothes:

Vacuum pack

The biggest hassle about packing for a winter holiday is not so much the fact that it’s going to be well below freezing, it’s the bulk.

Winter clothes take up space and if you’re going for a week-long trip, you’re going to either need a gigantic luggage or resort to wearing the same sweater a few days in a row.

How do you double your luggage space quick and easy? By vacuum packing.

You can either do it manually (put your clothes in a bag, squeeze all the air out, and seal) or get a product that’ll do it for you.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling

Rolling your clothing will make it more space efficient than folding them and laying it in flat.

Because it compresses the clothing,  it’ll also make it easier to stack and pack into a tiny section of your bag or luggage.

Need a T-shirt to change into during a long-haul flight? Roll one up and put it in your hand carry.

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Worried about your rolled up bundles coming loose in the luggage? Wrap a rubber band around each roll.

If done right, your clothes will be able to emerge wrinkle-free post-long-haul flight.

Packing cubes

If clothes are the first thing you pack, then revolutionize the way you organize them,

While rolling your clothes and vacuum-packing is great, nothing will sort your clothes out faster than these little cubes.

It will help keep your belongings compact and make it easier for you to find what you need in record time.

Source: Amazon.

Using packing cubes will also encourage you to bring only what you absolutely need.

Mess-free electronics

Just like your toiletries, your electronics deserve some love too.

Besides, you don’t want a tangled mess of wires in your luggage or have to dig around and potentially mess up your clothes, do you?

Get a pouch or a bag specifically for your electronics such as cables, extension cord, and adapters. Power banks and spare lithium batteries are prohibited in checked-in baggage.

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It’s easier to squeeze a pouch or bag in the space between your clothes than to pack loose items.

DIY food party

Airplane food can be quite uninteresting. So here are some ideas to put some flavors into your in-flight meal and be the envy of your seatmates.

Can you bring snacks on an airplane? Yes, but it’s limited to non-liquids such as chips, sandwiches, fruits, crackers, salads, nuts, and protein bars.

Make yourself a “grown-up Lunchable” consisting of all your favorite things.

Source: Pinterest.

All you need is a lunch box with compartments. Portion your food (cheese, crackers, nuts or fruits, deli meat) and you’re good to go.


Have you ever asked yourself if there was a more effective way to pack your toiletries? Wouldn’t it be great if your toiletry bag is versatile?

Say no more.

Get a hanging toiletry bag that saves space, holds in all the products you need it to, and also ensures that they’re accessible.

Source: Facebook.

Alternatively, you could get one of these barrel-shaped drawstring ones that double as a toiletry holder.