‘Baby, it’s cold outside’: Asia’s stunning snowy destinations

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“OH, BABY, you’ll freeze out there. Say, lend me your coat. It’s up to your knees out there.”

Destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia celebrate a hot and humid Christmas every year. But some countries in the Asia-Pacific get to enjoy a little snow.

Traveling deep in the dead of winter means you’ll get to frolick in a winter wonderland and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

This is because people from places that already experience winter would rather travel to a non-wintry destination while travelers from warmer countries think it’s too cold.

To add on, traveling to Asia for winter is generally cheaper than traveling to Europe. Plus, it’s a shorter plane ride for those who are already in Asia.

Here are a handful of Asia’s stunning destinations you should put your snow boots on for:

Hokkaido, Japan

Located at the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido is an island that’s breathtaking throughout all four seasons.

But one of the best times to visit Hokkaido is winter to make snow angels.

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When to go: December to February.

Harbin, China

As the coldest city in northern China, Harbin is famed as the “ice city”. It has four distinct seasons with short cool summers but long cold winters.

Marvel at the carvings at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which saw over a million visitors last year.

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When to go: Late November to early March.

Putao, Myanmar

Myanmar, which services as a bridge between South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, hosts the lower Himalayans, where the small and picturesque town Putao is located.

During winter, Putao’s snow-capped mountains, one of Myanmar’s many best-kept secrets, are visible from town.

Source: Putao Trekking House.

When to go: December to February.

Yongpyong, South Korea

You’d better be all geared up for a snowball fight when you head to Yongpyong in South Korea, one of the many 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics destinations.

From alpine skiing to snowboarding, to simple waddling about in a few feet of snow, Yongpyong is your one size fits all.

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When to go: December to February.

Sapa, Vietnam

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate for most of the year, but Sapa is that one extraordinary place in the country where travelers can see snow.

Located in the northern mountainous area of Vietnam, it’s widely known to have the most wonderful snowfall in Vietnam.

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When to go: December to February.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Winter in Mongolia is cold, long, and harsh, so much so that most people would opt to visit the country in warmer seasons.

But the winter months are an exceptionally beautiful time so bundle up the sights and sounds of Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

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When to go: November to late March.