Have you seen the world’s most Instagrammed sunset?


Despite the sun setting everyday, its beauty never gets old. Source: Resa Cahya / Unsplash

AS the sun rises across one country, it sets on another, an occurrence that happens every day and we hope will continue for a long time.

The sun is at the center of our solar system and brings life to the world. But among the science of life is the simple beauty it also brings to sunset gazers across the globe.

Some experts suggest that watching the sun glide below the horizon can boost one’s wellbeing and increase generosity, which is probably why millions of people watch the sunset every day and thankfully, post pictures on Instagram for the rest of the world to see.

In fact, over 280 million images of sunsets were uploaded to Instagram last year, according to research from UK-based spa search engine SpaSeekers.com.

Although sunsets happen every day, they can look entirely different depending on where you are in the world.

As it turns out, the most popular place to watch the sunset is in California, US.

According to the research, 5.7 million people uploaded Californian sunset snaps last year, followed by 1.7 million in Sicily, Italy and 1.4 million in Bali, Indonesia.

The in-depth research trawled through Instagram to discover the 10 most Instagrammed sunsets in the world and these are the results:

California, US – 5.7 million posts

Sicily, Italy – 1.7 million posts

Bali, Indonesia – 1.4 million posts

Paris, France – 1.3 million posts

Sydney, Australia – 1.3 million posts

Great London, UK – 1.2 million posts

Moscow, Russia – 1.2 million posts

Mumbai, India – 1.07 million posts

Phuket, Thailand – 1.05 million posts

Ibiza, Spain – 1.01 million posts

However, the average sunset only lasts for about two minutes. This is how long it takes for the orange, pink or red hue to disappear over the horizon.

So even a quick trip to the loo could risk you missing it.

But SpaSeekers.com doesn’t want this to happen, so it has devised a brilliant interactive guide that reveals what time the sun sets every hour across the world.

For example, when the sun is rising over the UK, it is setting in Aukland, New Zealand.

“Take a second to pause, breathe in these shades of pastel and fire, and dream a little, regardless of where you are,” encourages SpaSeekers.com Director Jason Goldberg.

“Watching a sunset can bring many other things to your life as well as a good Instagram picture. Sunsets boost well-being, encourage adventure and calm the senses.”