Here’s how Airbnb is bringing the stars closer to you

Star lovers out there, take note of these Airbnb homes and experiences. Source: Shutterstock.

WE’VE BEEN STARGAZING for centuries, marveling at how small we are compared to our immense universe.

For astro-enthusiasts and those keen to study the night sky, Airbnb has announced an out of this world, astro-adventure.

This Social Impact Experience, taking place on July 27, 2018, in La Palma, Spain, will invite six lucky guests to visit the Gran Telescopio Canarias, at present the world’s biggest optical and infrared telescope, as the Earth passes between the Sun and Mars, bringing the Red Planet even closer to us.

Mars will come closest to Earth that it has ever been in 15 years.

For those with plans on the 27th, there are experiences on Airbnb that offer year-round opportunities to appreciate our galaxy.

Airbnb is bringing the stars closer to you. Source: Shutterstock.

Dark sky seekers, who travel with the purpose of admiring the night sky, can now find their perfect home or meet other like-minded explorers on the Airbnb platform for an enhanced celestial experience in remote locations under the world’s the darkest and clearest skies.

Here are our picks for Airbnb’s experiences in Asia-Pacific that give travelers the chance to enjoy the beauty of the vast night sky.

Skywatch Observatories Dome Stays

From this gem of a dome stay in Coonabarabran, Australia, you can enjoy the majesty of the night sky and visit the nearby observatory which houses a 12.5″ Newtonian telescope.

Source: Airbnb.

Price: From US$114 per night.
Capacity: Six.

Night Sky Photography Adventure

Join Larryn, an award-winning landscape photographer who was born and bred in New Zealand as he guides photography enthusiasts on how to capture stunning images of New Zealand’s night sky.

Source: Airbnb.

Price: From US$70 per pax.

An evening of stargazing and science

Join Emily and Pavel, curious PhD students from the University of New South Wales to debate on the existence of black holes, and observe several objects in the sky through a telescope such as the moon and double stars.

Source: Airbnb.

Price: From US$3 per pax.

Watching the Stars

Join 상인, as he takes travelers on a night trek of Jeju and shares interesting stories of Jeju Olim while soaking in the beautiful stars of the night sky for some unforgettable memories.

Source: Airbnb.

Price: From $27 per pax.