In pictures: Australia’s rare rainbow lake

Rainbow Lake

Lake Eyre only turn pink every three to 10 years. Source: Shutterstock

MOTHER NATURE has waved her magic wand across Southern Australia turning Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre into a pink glow.

The usually dry and salty basin has been transformed into a water-filled lake displaying an array of beautiful colors.

Water floods the desert lake every three to 10 years and the entire basin only becomes completely full around 53 years, but it’s a sight well worth the waiting for.

Lake Eyre is the largest salt lake in the whole of Australia, located 647 kilometers east of Adelaide.

For several thousands of years, aboriginal people have regarded the low-lying salt lake as a place of important cultural significance, despite it being one of the aridest places on the Australian mainland.

It’s a destination many travelers and locals flock to visit even when it’s not revealing its stunning colors.

These colors are showcased when the salt water mixes with the algae that are already in the basin. The algae transforms the lake into shades of pink, white, blue and yellow.

And when the flood comes, so do wildlife and pelicans. Seeing the lake from above is truly an incredible experience.

See for yourself:

Heavy tropical rains in Queensland made the journey to the lake this year, effectively flooding it and creating an astounding view.

However, no one knows how long it’ll remain flooded.