Luxury cinema experiences in the UAE worth traveling for

Netlfix can’t provide you with these luxury experience the same way a cinema can. Source: Shutterstock

ALONG with its sleek skyscrapers, sublime restaurants, and exclusive hotels, the UAE is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious cinema experiences. 

Some offer valet parking, fine dining, butler service, and blankets, reminding cinemagoers more of a first-class cabin experience than a trip to the movies.

Despite Netflix changing how people watch blockbusters, there is still something special about going to the flicks.

And these cinemas in the UAE are cashing in on that nostalgia by offering VIP experiences for a premium price.


Source: Novo Cinema

“Experience cinema in the lap of luxury” is Novo’s 7 Star experience tagline, and they not exaggerating.

As part of the package, you can drive straight up to selected Novo theatres and have a valet park the car.

Once inside, a personal butler will look after your every need and talk you through the fine dining menu.

Then, sink back in the luxurious reclining seats, enjoy the HD movie with excellent surround sound and order extra goodies at the click of a button from your chair.

The service is available for US$43 (AED158) at Novo’s Ibn Battuta and Festival City locations in Dubai, and at the World Trade Centre Mall in the Abu Dhabi.


Source: Reel Cinema

Reel’s dine-in cinema experience is less about fancy foods and more about burgers as juicy as the film you’re watching.

In collaboration with Guy Fieri’s Jebel Ali Kitchen and Bar, Reel offers cinemagoers a menu brimming with American comfort food.

Dine-in cinema tickets start at just US$14 (AED50) for the movie and US$44 (AED160) for the movie, starter, and main.


Vox has cinemas in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and most recently, Suadi Arabia.

It’s fair to say they have the monopoly in the Eastern Arabian states, but Vox doesn’t take this for granted and is constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience.

This has been perfectly executed in the Gold by Rhodes at Vox Cinemas package.

Vox has teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes to launch a gourmet menu with a variety of cinema snacks, bigger bites, and three-course meals.

Cinemagoers have the choice of over 30 starters, main dishes, desserts, smoothies and mocktails to chose from, all served directly to your plush, reclinable leather chairs.

Cinema tickets for this experience start at US$18 (AED63) with food and beverages at an extra cost.

Cine Royal

Cine Royal wills its customers to indulge in its intimate Platinum Movie Suites cinema.

Source: Cine Royal

The suites only have 70 chairs in them, leaving plenty of room to stretch out and admire the “crystal-clear digital screen” and advanced Dolby 7.1 sound technology.

However, it’s the Cine Royal Platinum Movie Suites which offer ultimate luxury for VIP viewings.

Source: Cine Royal

Each of the soft leather seats comes with a side table, blankets, pillows and a call button for butler service.

Let the personal butler get you refreshments so you don’t have to miss a moment of the movie.

This service is available in Khalidiyah, Dalma, and Deerfields outlets.