Must-have items in a traveling geek’s packing list

Be fully prepared for your next trip by taking protips from the traveling geek. Source: Shutterstock.

FOR TRAVELING GEEKS, being well-equipped for a trip is more than just knowing which telco has the best data plan for tourists so that they can stay connected.

It’s about having the essential items regardless of the destination and length of stay.

It’s really easy to spot a true-blue geek just based on his or her packing list.

Unlocked smartphone

This is the first, most basic, and arguably most important item on the list.

If you want the freedom to switch carriers at will when you travel, buy an unlocked smartphone. Meaning, one that is not tied into a certain carrier’s network.

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Before you travel abroad, check if you’ll be needing an international adapter for power sockets.

For example, Europe has different power sockets from Australia (two narrow, flat prongs in the shape of a V) and Japan (two flat parallel prongs). In fact, there are 15 different types of outlets.

Source: Amazon.

Extension cord

You can’t claim to be a traveling geek if this is not packed along with your clothes into your luggage. How else are you going to simultaneously power up all your gear?

A true gadget-lover would know how important an extension cord is, especially when hotel rooms aren’t generous with power sockets.


By that, we don’t mean the fruit variety.

Power banks are essential to ensure that your smartphone has enough juice to last your entire day out and not leave you stranded with no access to Google Maps.

Source: Xiaomi.

Portable speaker

This a little luxury that would be nice to have for Skype, Facetime, or just music. For example, the powerful x-mini speaker works wonders and is a bang for your buck.

After all, you’ll never know when you’ll feel like jamming out to your favorite guilty pleasure Spotify playlist in your hotel room.

Source: x-mini.


Whether you’re a gamer boy/girl, a TV junkie, or a bookworm, bringing a tablet along (iPad or Kindle) will keep you well and nicely occupied, especially on a painfully long flight.

Don’t forget to bring the necessary cables and plugs to charge it.

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