Step into the hospitality of Changi Airport’s new, independent lounge

Finally, an airport lounge that everyone can go to. Source: SATS PPG Singapore Pte. Ltd.

WE ALL love being able to escape the hustle and bustle of an airport terminal sometimes, especially when we’re still a couple of hours away from boarding an early morning flight or if we’re waiting out a long transit.

Even if you’re not flying first or business class, some programs, such as credit card programs, allow you the significant advantages of airport lounges, where you can enjoy tranquility and feast on a buffet of delectable food and refreshing drinks.

But not everyone is so lucky.

Luckily, times have changed and more airports have opened up lounges to anyone.

Recently, Singapore’s Changi Airport launched its Blossom Lounge.

Jointly designed, built, and operated by airport lounge operators SATS and Plaza Premium, it’s the only independent pay-per-use lounge at the airport’s brand spanking new Terminal 4.

Located in a quiet corner of the terminal, the lounge boasts a score of topnotch facilities that any bleary-eyed flyer would love to discover.

So let’s step into the warmth and hospitality of Blossom Lounge for a moment.

SATS and Plaza Premium certainly didn’t cut back on deco despite being a publicly accessible lounge, as it is decked out in a fresh color palette that reflects its experiential garden concept.

Almost immediately upon stepping in, you’d notice that Blossom Lounge has been divided into three areas: Restaurant, Quiet-area, and Bar.


First things first, food. At the front of the restaurant is a deli that serves cheese, olives, nuts, and snacks to go with two selections of wine.

There’s also a cold food section that serves an array of finger food, salads, and desserts, as well as a small buffet spread of hot food.

But the most exciting part about the restaurant is perhaps the live stations where you can watch chefs skillfully preparing your meal.

If you were visiting Singapore for a couple of days but missed out on the opportunity to sample the local food, try Blossom Lounge’s laksa at the live station.

You won’t regret it.

Then, wash it all down with a drink from the bank of fridges filled with beer and soda.

For those who are feeling particularly sleepy, there’s a coffee machine to dose you up with a (hopefully appropriate) amount of caffeine.


For some quality “me time”, enjoy the luxury that Blossom Lounge’s Quiet-area offers.

There are individual and comfortable pod-style seats to ensure you get all the privacy you need, complete with enough space for your luggage.

International business travelers need not worry as well, as each seat is equipped with multi-socket power points and USB ports.

So go ahead and pump all your electronics with much-needed juice before you get on your flight.

And yes, Wi-Fi is available.

Too early to be doing any reading or surfing on your gadget?

Escape to the sleeping facilities provided to kick back and have a quick shuteye.

A spa with therapeutic massage services by master masseurs is expected to open at a later date.


Want a tipple before getting on your red-eye flight? Make your way over to Blossom Lounge’s Bar.

Hands down the show-stealer, the chic island tapas bar is a long, manned bar with tall bar seats and low lounge-style seating on the side.

The area is dotted with tall lamps and there’s beer on tap alongside a selection of spirits, perfect for reading or grabbing a couple of drinks.

If alcohol is not your thing, get yourself a tummy-warming cup of cappuccino instead.

And remember to catch the digital theatrical performance of the Peranakan Love Story screened on Terminal 4’s Heritage Zone while you’re there.

With a lounge this well-equipped, you’d probably find it hard to leave. Don’t miss your flight when you visit Blossom Lounge!

Entry is SGD38 (US$27.76) for three hours and SGD58 (US$42.37) for five hours per person.

An additional SGD41 (US$29.95) is needed to utilize their napping facilities for three hours.