Which are the greenest countries in Asia-Pacific?

Two countries within the region are leading the way in developing green economy. Source: Shutterstock.

AS TRAVELERS ARE becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, destinations and countries making advancements to keep up.

From developing technology to reduce carbon footprints to banning plastic, together, the world is making great milestones in becoming green.

Countries like Switzerland and Costa Rica are focused on using renewable energy, in order to avoid the production of greenhouse gases. This allows for a better green economy and life to both its citizens as well as travelers.

According to The Economic Times, these are the top 10 eco-friendly countries, with two of them located in Asia-Pacific.

  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Sweden
  4. Denmark
  5. Bhutan
  6. Canada
  7. Slovenia
  8. Switzerland
  9. New Zealand
  10. Estonia


While countries like India is struggling to fight out the damaging consequences of pollution, Bhutan is way ahead in stamping out carbon emissions.

A small, landlocked country sitting among the Himalayan mountain range, the eco kingdom is pushing forth in its efforts to keep the planet green. It’s quite a feat, considering that Bhutan is sandwiched between two greenhouse gas emission giants China and India.

There’s a good reason why Bhutan is considered the happiest place on Earth. Source: Shutterstock.

According to World Bank, the country’s carbon emissions rate is 0.8 metric tons per capita. It’s also one of the countries in the world have negative carbon emissions.

In 2016, to celebrate the birth of the first child of King Khesar and Queen Jetson, 82,000 households in Bhutan planted a tree, while volunteers planted another 26,000 in various districts around the country.

That’s a whopping total of 108,000 trees.

New Zealand

Another country in the region that is leading the way in environmental policy is none other than the land of the Lord of the Rings.

Known for its spectacular sceneries, sprawling landscapes and unique wildlife, New Zealand is no stranger to the sustainability game and that translates well into its tourism motto: to deliver “100% Pure New Zealand” to visitors.

More than 30 percent of its land area is protected as conservation land and the country is at the forefront of species management – bringing endangered wildlife back from the brink of extinction through innovative reuse programmes, such as the Chatham Island Black Robin.

New Zealand’s green efforts are nothing short of amazing. Source: Shutterstock.

And that’s not all. New Zealand also has its carbon emissions under control, producing only 0.2 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Its population of just under 4.5 million people is equally as committed to sustainability, with focus in water conservation, waste management, and energy efficiency.