You can order in-flight cake delivery on these Asian airlines

These Asian airlines are A-OK with you celebrating your special day onboard their plane. They’ll even give you cake. Source: Shutterstock.

DID YOU KNOW that you can order in-flight cake deliveries?

And it’s not just a perk for first-class fliers or those chartering private jets.

Some airlines will deliver a cake right to your seat so that you get to celebrate special moments onboard while cruising at over 30,000 feet above the South China Sea.

Passengers can either pre-order the cake or are surprised by the dedicated cabin crew on a flight for achieving milestones.

For example, Qatar Airways once sent socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton a personalized cake to congratulate her on her engagement.

It’s especially exciting when you’re traveling to celebrate a special event, such as an anniversary or a birthday.

Want to know which Asian airlines will bake you a cake for your onboard enjoyment?

Sri Lankan Airlines

“Be it an anniversary, a birthday, honeymoon or a new beginning, you can now pre-order cakes that suit any occasion. The feather-light ribbon cake, priced at *US$ 20 per 200gm, will be accompanied by two complimentary glasses of champagne or any other beverage of your choice available onboard,” Sri Lankan Airlines wrote on its website.

Order for the cake needs to be placed at the time of your ticket online. Alternatively, if you have already purchased the tickets, you can also place your order by calling Sri Lankan Airlines’ 24-hour call center at +94777771979.

Korean Air

Under its “other special meals” section on its website, the Korean airlines wrote, “Cakes for birthdays or honeymoons are offered to flights departing from Korea and will be provided during only one segment of an entire trip.”

Passengers can request for the specialty cake at no cost by calling the Korean Air call center at +82226562001 at least 24 hours before departure. Cakes are available on most flights, but flavors and décor can change depending on the airport bakery.

Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific offer birthday cakes on demand, but for a price of HKD300 (US$39).

One passenger who was fortunate enough to have had experienced it on a long-haul flight told One Mile At A Time, “The purser then brought out the cake and a glass of champagne. I am surprised it was only the purser who brought the cake — no other flight attendants joined in. Also, there was no candle on the birthday cake. However, the cake tasted great — it was coffee flavored. It was more than one person can eat so I shared it with the cabin crew.”

Singapore Airlines

Award-winning Singapore Airlines doesn’t mention anything about celebration cakes on its website, but you can still request ahead for one.

It’s usually served with champagne, a card, and maybe some keepsakes from your cabin crew if you’re lucky.

“Celebration cakes can normally be arranged in advance for most Singapore Airlines flights – including those from Australia but excluding shorter routes such as between Malaysia and Singapore – and tend to appear after the main meal service or closer to descent,” Australian Business Traveller explained.


This Middle Eastern airline allows first class and business class fliers to place an order for a complimentary birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary cake, but it has to be done at least 48 hours before departure.

For economy class passengers, the cake comes at a cost of US$30. Those in economy class will also be able to purchase champagne at a charge for the celebration.

Cakes can be customized with a message on top, and are available on all flights in the Emirates network.

Hong Kong Airlines

To help its passengers create an unforgettable celebration on an unforgettable journey, Hong Kong offers a cake and champagne service for all outbound flights from Hong Kong.

“If you would like to celebrate for a birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions onboard, we are delighted to arrange a bottle of our hand-picked champagne and celebration cake for you. You may place an order at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure flight. Champagne service is also available for outbound flights from Los Angeles,” the airline wrote on its website.

The cakes – chocolate mousse, fresh fruit cream, chestnut cream, strawberry mousse, mango mousse, or cheesecake – are priced at US$33 each and you can even get a full-size bottle of champagne for an extra US$48.