In pictures: Kyoto by the Sea

Ine Kyoto by the Sea Japan

Discover a place in Japan where a community has lived in coexistence with the sea for centuries. Source: Shutterstock.

THE COASTAL AREA of Kyoto Prefecture is often overlooked, but there are actually plenty of popular travel spots.

In fact, Kyoto by the Sea has prospered since ancient times and is the home of many legends.

Its scenery is nothing short of magnificent, with sweeping views of rolling mountains and the rolling waves of the Japan Sea.

It is an entirely different side of Kyoto Prefecture, where civilization blossomed before any other region in ancient Japan with a special culture.

Thus, it holds many secrets and undiscovered gems, historic wonders and beautiful sightseeing spots unspoiled by overtourism.

Adventure-seekers and gastro-tourists will surely love its bountiful offerings, from outdoor attractions to delectable specialty dishes.

Prepare to gorge on Kyoto by the Sea’s impressive line-up of quality products such as local sake, fresh Taiza crab, fatty Ine yellowtail, Tango cockles served sashimi-style, and more.

On the other end of the spectrum, those hungry to fill up their Instagram with the best of Kyoto by the Sea will love Ine, a seaside town with 230 unique buildings called the funuya boathouses.

It is there that the community of Ine has lived in coexistence with the sea for centuries.

Ine also boasts Mukai Shuzo, a sake brewery that sits on the water and perhaps the only one of its kind.

Founded in 1754, the family-run brewery prides itself in serving a special reddish sake that uses an ancient variety of rice.

Sake lovers will appreciate sipping on Mukai Shunzo’s tasty sake while listening to the gentle sound of lapping of the waves under their feet.

One must also never forget to visit Amanohashidate, known as one of Japan’s three most scenic views.

It is a pine-covered natural land bridge in emerald green that spans the mouth of the sapphire blue Miyazu Bay.

When viewed from above, the magical 3.6 kilometers strip of land looks like a dragon floating through the sky.

Those who enjoy a little bit of adventure can stroll or cycle down the strip, or take a ferry to the “dragon’s head” to discover tea shops and the Chionji Temple.

Feast your eyes on what Kyoto by the Sea has to offer:

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