Got US$22m? There’s a luxury Dubai island you can buy

Dubai island

An island in Dubai on the “world map” islands. Source: Shutterstock.

YOU can now own your very own slice of Dubai as Lebanon Island, part of The World Islands, is up for sale. 

The World Islands sit in the Persian Gulf, just four kilometers off the coast of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The construction of the artificial archipelago began in 2003 as a Nakheel Properties-funded project. However, when the 2008 financial crisis struck, development halted and to this day, many of the islands remain in a desert-like state.

But since 2008, the 300 islands which were built to look like the world map have seen stable development. In 2012, Lebanon Island was the first to open to the public for commercial and private use.

The island has witnessed flashy parties, bougie corporate events, and vacationers looking for a slice of the Mediterranean in the Middle East.

Now, this “day-cation” island could be yours.

The successful buyer won’t just get the island’s sand and stunning views, they will also inherit its beach club, 80-seater restaurant, dance floor, licensed bar, and large swimming pool area capable of hosting up to 250 people.

There’s also several single-story chalets, VIP cabanas, two sandy beaches, and a private jetty, suitable for mooring yachts and landing seaplanes.

International real estate agents Allsopp & Allsopp have been entrusted with managing the sale of Lebanon Island and have reported that the current owner is selling to free up some equity in the property.

Allsopp & Allsopp CEO Lewis Allsopp told Arabian Business that the properties and landscape had been completely refurbished.

The island is being marketed as a unique resort and residential investment opportunity that boasts “stunning views of the skyline from all vantage points.”

Allsopp also told Arabian Business the island had created interest among a mix of people, from those looking to take over the existing beach club and retain its reputation as a “day-cation” destination, to those wanting to develop a massive property on the island for personal use.

The sale of Lebanon Island comes as “The Heart of Europe” development, also in The World Islands, finally sees some movement.

The Heart of Europe is a development luxury resorts and restaurants across several The World Islands, with accommodation in the form of half-submerged, half-skylit homes called “floating seahorses.”

“The Heart of Europe is going to compliment Lebanon Island very well. There will be a vast increase of people on the world islands, and few things will be as attractive as island hopping to the local beach club to catch some rays and enjoy some food and drink,” Allsopp added.

But anyone hoping to nab Lebanon Island or visit the collection of The World Islands will have to do it quickly as Dubai’s coastal sand is receding by between four and 16 inches every year.

What would you do with a 420,000 square-foot private island, surrounded by sapphire-colored ocean and a fully-licensed bar?