Parents, the world’s best family-friendly airlines have got your back

Family-Friendly Airlines

Keeping kids comfortable and happy equals keeping parents comfortable and happy, and these airlines have got your back. Source: Shutterstock.

TRAVELING WITH KIDS is no walk in the park, especially if they are anywhere from newborn to early kindergarten.

It requires a lot of patience, proper patience, perhaps some strategy, and packing all the right essentials. Even so, these are not foolproof ways to avoid a meltdown or a tantrum, leaving you to become that parent on a flight with a screaming kid.

No matter if it is your first trip with your first child or your umpteenth trip with your fifth, it is important to find family-friendly and kid-friendly travel options.

Luckily for you, toy manufacturer Play Like Mum has released a research that revealed the most family-friendly airlines from around the world, because they understand your worries.

Did you know that all airlines, even the biggest ones, really go the extra mile to keeping kids comfortable and happy (and thus, parents comfortable and happy) while they travel?

Some even go right down to the details.

For example, in March 2018, Air New Zealand announced an upgrade to its Skycouch feature, which turns a row of three economy seats into a completely flat surface. It allows infants to lie down next to their parents during a flight and it’s exceptionally handy for long-haul flights.

On Hong Kong’s flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, children are VIPs.

For parents who are bringing children from two to under 12 years old on board, Cathay Pacific will ensure a smoother travel by offering a colorful children’s fun pack full of goodies to keep them occupied on the flight.

Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), provides children and baby meals, powdered milk, baby bottles, paper diapers, aprons, drinks for children, and toys. This is on top of bassinets for babies.

With all of the above in mind, Play Like Mum has ranked the world’s biggest airlines on eight factors:

  1. Free seat reservations
  2. Free checked luggage
  3. Pre-boarding for families
  4. No lap fees
  5. Kids’ meals
  6. Free kids’ entertainment
  7. Take pushchair for free
  8. On-board bassinet

The research revealed that British Airways and Emirates are best for families as they offer all the factors Play Like Mum considered.

Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, and Air France also came out relatively high, lacking in only one factor each – kids’ meals, free seat reservations, and pre-boarding for families respectively.

However, and Ryanair do not seem to be favorites in terms of family-friendliness or kid-friendliness. Ryanair offers free seat reservations and take pushchair for free while offers kids’ meals and take pushchair for free.

Flybe is last on the list as it only offers one factor: take pushchair for free.

Check out the Play Like Mum infographic below for more details: