This Asian country is on track to open the region’s biggest railway station

China Transport High-Speed Train Railway Station

An attandent serves passengers in the newly-launched bullet train bound for Beijing from southwest China’s Chongqing municipality in 2011. Source: AFP PHOTO / STR

CHINA’S new (but also old) baby, the Fengtai Railway Station in Beijing, is being reconstructed and when all the work is done, it’s expected to result in Asia’s largest railway station.

As it is, China’s new US$12.14 billion mega-airport will become the world’s biggest airport when it begins operating in October 2019. So it’s safe to say that China is going big, big time.

Located in the Fengtai District of southern Beijing, the railway station originally opened in 1896 to service passenger trains and freight trains.

A smaller station back then, it has passenger trains to Shanghai, Taiyuan, and Guangzhou, with 30 daily trains passing by each day.

In June 2010, the Fengtai Railway Station closed in preparation for the construction of the new station.

The Beijing-Guangzhou railway line, which normally passes through the station, has also been diverted to facilitate the works.

Fengtai Railway Station Beijing China

The more than a century old Fengtai Railway Station in Beijing, China is being given a new lease of life. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Upon completion, the Fengtai Railway Station is expected to have a similar scale to the Beijing South Railway Station, covering an area of 398,800 square kilometers.

According to China Railway Construction Engineering Group, the new station will boast seven floors with four floors above ground and three floors underground.

It will be turned into a major train station for suburban rails, city public transport and metro lines, intercity rails, and high-speed trains such as the Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon, and Beijing-Shijiazhuang lines, and more.

An expressway and subway line connecting the Fengtai Railway Station and the Beijing Daxing International Airport will be completed in October 2017.

The Fengtai Railway Station is expected to accommodate a maximum of 14,000 passengers.

China Bullet Train

A picture taken on August 11, 2011, shows a CRH380BL bullet train sitting at Beijing south railway station. Source: AFP PHOTO / PETER PARKS.

Currently, there are six major railway stations in the Chinese capital.

The new Fengtai Railway Station will better promote the integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, help further develop the local economy and more importantly, ease the traffic burden of northern Beijing.

After all, China does have the world’s largest bullet train network.

Its reconstruction work is set to wrap up by 2020.

The biggest airport in the world and now, soon-to-be the biggest railway station in Asia?

If China isn’t on a roll, we don’t know who is.