This hotel uses traditional Chinese boat rides for airport transfers

Four Seasons Hangzhou at West Lake

Gotta love their attention to detail. Source: Four Seasons Hangzhou at West Lake.

“IN the universe, there is heaven; on earth, there is Hangzhou.”

Sitting in the northwest corner of the mysteriously beautiful West Lake, a 1,600-acre freshwater lake in Hangzhou, China, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake is an ultra-luxurious resort tucked away in a tranquil enclave.

This Unesco World Heritage Site once influenced poets and painters throughout Chinese history for its natural beauty and historic relics and was an important source of inspiration for Chinese garden designers.

And it was not just the creative workers who loved West Lake. The natural wonder also earned admiration from the Imperial family and was a popular holiday destination for its members.

It not only hosts abundant natural and cultural resources, it also possesses various plant resources. All kinds of flowers and plants in West Lake and on surrounding mountains blossom alternatively all year.

At West Lake, one can expect to breathe in the sweet fragrances of peach blossom flowers, tulips, plum blossoms, osmanthus, and spot large lotus ponds.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake is an intimate five-star hotel that was built in harmony with the surrounding landscape to reflect the fusion between humans and nature.

Its facade boasts the architecture style of Nansong Dynasty’s royal gardens and its rooms offer views of the traditional Chinese gardens, willow trees, and mist-covered lagoons.

Here, guests will wake up to mountain peaks and ancient temples rising from the greenery, and the sweeping views of the lake that has enchanted poets, explorers, and emperors for centuries.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake’s services also promises a private but fully immersive experience, leaving no stone unturned from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, guests will be driven by limousine to the West Lake Pier.

Here is where the journey to Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake gets interesting as guests will the board a traditional Chinese sampan (a relatively flat bottomed Chinese wooden boat).

As the boatman steers the sampan through tree-lined waterways, enjoy a cup of premium Hangzhong Longjing tea and sample the gourmet delicacies prepared by a Four Seasons chef.

At the end of the serene 45-minute ride, by the time you reach the hotel dock, you will already feel right at home.

Want to treat yourself to an alluring weekend complete with topnotch hospitality at Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake in China?

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