#WorldPhotographyDay: Best photos to inspire your next travel

World Photography Day

May these stunning works by photographers inspire you to travel through time and other parts of the world via their lens. Source: Shutterstock.

A PHOTOGRAPH can be extremely evocative and as the famous saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

And one day a year, a global event highlights how photography can change the world.

The World Photography Day is celebrated on Aug 19 to commemorate the artistry of a photographer and to create positive change in the world through photography.

Established back in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara, World Photography Day marks the date the patent of the daguerreotype (an early method of photography) was purchased by the French government.

Today, it connects the people who share the same passion for photography, and organizations and individuals come together on this day to raise awareness and raise vital funds.

It also serves as a day of inspiration for many to take up photography as a profession or to pursue it as a hobby.

In June, National Geographic picked out its winning Travel Photographer of the Year images, with the grand prize being awarded to Reiko Takahashi for her show-stealing image.

The breathtaking images submitted by various travel photographers from around the globe were divided into three categories: Nature, Cities, and People.

The collection of pictures featured everything from a humpback whale calf swimming near Japan’s Kumejima Island, intense and stacked living conditions in Hong Kong, and Mars-like land formations.

Once photographed, moments get frozen for a lifetime.

Seemingly stranded in time, photographs have the potential to capture feelings and evoke the deepest of emotions with their haunting beauty.

Check out the rest of National Geographic‘s Travel Photographer of the Year winners and may they inspire you to travel through time and other parts of the world via their lens.

Meanwhile, World Photography Day is being held this year in support of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an organization which supports children and families affected b cerebral palsy.

It currently has a target of raising US$15,000 in funds and photography fans can participate in a number of ways including sharing their best photography on social media, entering competitions, or purchasing a World Photo Day book.

Alternatively, they can also donate via www.worldphotoday.com.