Check out this new ‘weightless’ backpack

Weightless backpack

Backpacks are rarely comfortable on long hikes. But Lightning Packs could be about to change this. Source: Lighting Packs

WHETHER you’re hiking, running, commuting or just strolling around town, this new backpack is sure to make your journey easier.

The new HoverGlide by Lightning Packs is being called the “world’s first floating backpack.”

No, it’s not magic, just some seriously impressive engineering and a lot of forethought for the easily tired trekker.

The backpack works through Suspended Load Technology (SLT) and is attached to a sliding rail and pulley suspension system, allowing it to move up and down as you walk.

The bounce of the backpack reduces impact forces on the wearer by up to 86 percent while running and 82 percent when walking, making it 20 percent easier to carry.

The HoverGlide is also going to save you money on future physiotherapy bills as it reduces stress on your back, decreases the potential risk for injury; and Lightning Packs guarantees your neck and knees will feel the benefit too.

The backpack is the brainchild of University of Pennsylvania professor and muscle physiology expert Dr Lawrence Rome.

After an extensive research process, Rome published his findings in Nature, an academic journal.

Among the findings, Rome and his university colleagues found that a HoverGlide backpack with a weight of 27 kilograms felt more than five kilograms lighter, which led them to discover that the walker uses less energy to carry the load.

So, the HoverGlide not only reduces stress on your muscles but conserves much-needed energy.

Lightning Packs has designed four different styles ranging from 28 liters to 55 liters to suit every lifestyle.

Each backpack has been military-tested on both the US Army and US Marines. They are all durable, lightweight, breathable, and water repellent.

This is what you need to know about the four different backpacks.

HoverGlide Tactical

Source: Lightning Packs

This pack is best suited for emergency first responders, military personnel, and those tackling long and demanding runs.

The pack is built on a 20-inch frame, with ample pocket space for gear as well as a webbing grid that accepts MOLLE units (medic bags).

HoverGlide Hiker

Source: Lightning Packs

Lightning Packs described this bag as a “versatile, durable day or weekend pack with plenty of pockets that you can quickly access while hiking.”

Also built on a 20-inch frame, the HoverGlide Hiker has plenty of space for liquids and hiking essentials.

HoverGlide Commuter

Source: Lightning Packs

If you’re fed up of lugging a heavy laptop around, the HoverGlide Commuter is perfect for you.

The 20-inch frame is ideal for carrying your laptop, a tablet, books, art supplies, and whatever else you need.

HoverGlide Trekker

Source: Lightning Packs

The HoverGlide Trekker has the biggest of all the frames at 24 inches and has a 55-pound capacity.

This bag is perfect for multiday treks with enough space for a small tent, food, drinks, clothes, and a medical kit.

When can you grab one of these muscle-saving backpacks? Not just yet.

“We are in pre-marketing right now,” Rome told Travel Wire Asia. “Our Kickstarter campaign for HoverGlide goes live mid-September.”

If you sign up with the Lighting Packs mailing list, you’ll be invited to the HoverGlide launch event and be entered into a prize draw to win one of these backpacks.

We’ll let you know when the Kickstarter page is open so you can be part of the future of backpacks.