This tour operator is giving away free flights, but there’s a catch

Free flights

A winter getaway is a luxury for most people, but this tour operator is making it a little more accessible for Australians. Source: Shutterstock

IF you’re looking for an excuse not to host Christmas at your house this year, global tour operator Peregrine Adventures might have the answer.

Peregrine Adventures is offering Australian travelers the chance to discover Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand’s most stunning sights by offering free flights.

However, travelers can only claim these flights if they book on one of Peregrine Adventures’ cruises.

But it’s hardly a compromising predicament, as the deal is essentially a paid-for vacation with complimentary flights.

The “free fly” offer is in conjunction with the company’s small ship Adventure Cruises packages which are said to be “full of enticing surprises” found in Southeast Asia.

Peregrine Adventures is offering this deal for those traveling from Australia between December 2018 and Aug 31, 2019, with eight cruises providing something unique.

The trips can range between eight and 15 days with price tags to reflect the duration and travelers can choose where they start their journey in one of the nominated locations in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Each cruise offers a medley of the lesser known island and coastal ports which are often unexplored by tourists.

Langkawi is a Malaysian island close to the border of Thailand. Source: Jessa Verneulen/Unsplash

Peregrine Adventures’ cruises focus more on the locations than onboard activities because “the Andaman Sea as your swimming pool.” Each yacht still has all the amenities, such as WiFi, a modern traveler could want.

The price of the cruises also includes a selection of meals onboard and authentic homestays on some of the islands.

But perhaps best of all, there is no dress code. So, you can leave those black tie outfits at home and chill in swimwear and flipflops.

With spaces left on the 2019 Christmas cruise to Thailand and Malaysia, you could be sunning yourself onboard a yacht sooner than you think.

To book this once-in-a-lifetime trip, give Peregrine Adventures’ expert sales team a call on +611300 854 445 and quote promo code 66042.