Google’s new tool is going to give you a little extra cash for your travels

Google Travel Trends

Google is continuing to give online travel agencies a run for their money. Source: Shutterstock.

TRAVELERS, US-based tech giant Google is pulling out all stops to ensure they have got your back, it seems.

Because after the rollout of Google Hotel Finder, Google Flights, and Google Destinations comes a new snazzy tool called Travel Trends.

“To help you save money and confidently book holiday travel, we’re sharing holiday price trends, tips and a few new tools from Google Flights and Hotel Search,” Google’s vice president of travel product management Richard Holden wrote in a blogpost.

“We’ve created a handy tool that shows how prices change – based on when you’re traveling – for flights to popular holiday destinations.” It’ll even help you find hotel deals for Thanksgiving, December holidays, and New Year’s, Holden said.

So how does it work?

Hotel rooms rates can fluctuate especially when rooms are selling out fast for major festivities such as New Year’s.

But with this tool, travelers will be able to find the lowest prices at specific times and compare prices with those of competitors and check a company’s own historical price offering.

This means you will have access to the prices of the trip you are planning at all times at your fingertips in case you want cheaper options when you plan or extend your trip, or book less requested dates.

“If you’re planning to go on vacation, we’ll also show you what destinations have unusually low hotel prices during these holidays,” Holden explained.

Google Travel Trends Tool Hotel Prices

Source: Google.

The same applies to Google Flights, which has just seen the addition of a new tip that will change the way you book your air travels.

When you search in Google Flights on your phone, it shows you whether the price you’re seeing for a given flight is a “good” price – that is, is it unusually low, is it typical, or is it high – based on historical prices and prices available so far this year.

The tool’s Explore Map will also help you find great deals by searching through thousands of possible destinations, analyzing their historical flight prices, and then highlighting cities with good deals in green.

That is not all.

Aside from showing you what destinations have unusually low prices during the peak days and festive periods, it will also show you leisure options available in the area in question.

“As you browse hotel destinations, we’ll show you some of the most popular things to do when you get to your destination, based on the activities that others have saved in Google Search and Maps,” Holden explained.

“It may be August, but if you start booking your holiday travel plans by mid-September, you’ll be giving yourself the best holiday gift of all – a little extra cash.”

Google Travel Trends Tool Things To Do

Source: Google.

Google may be late to the travel game but its Travel Trends tool is going to give online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia, Kayak, and eDreams a run for their money.

On top of how much it owns in the mobile ecosystem, Google also has a complete and sophisticated network which allows it to easily capture travel data and quickly get insights on what they’re looking for.

No prizes for guessing why Google has been called a “major Boogeyman” to the online travel industry.