Qantas switches off volume for in-flight entertainment options


Qantas flyers aren’t happy about the airline’s decision to scrap in-flight music options. Source: Shutterstock

WHAT’S your in-flight entertainment go-to? Films, audiobooks, games, music or just sleeping? 

Well, if you’re someone who uses their flight time to explore the music charts, you’ll be sad to know Qantas is axing its in-flight music options.

The Australian-based airline has decided to scrap its in-flight music and radio entertainment on domestic Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 flights.

The airline recently reviewed its onboard entertainment options and found that fewer than 10 percent of its passengers listened to the on-demand music and radio channels.

So if you’re in that 10 percent, you’ll need to load up your personal devices with your favorite playlists before flying.

In fact, those who have already done this are the reason behind Qantas’ decision to reduce audio options.

A Qantas spokesperson said in a statement that the majority of passengers were using personal audio devices to listen to music and only relying on seatback screens for movies and TV shows.

According to the airline, audiobooks and podcasts will still be available on the flights and earlier this year, Qantas announced it has plans to roll out onboard WiFi across its fleet by 2021.

But these appeasements aren’t good enough for some of the airline’s loyal flyers, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

One flyer asked the airline to reconsider its decision:

Some people wanted to know whether the savings from not buying music would be passed onto passengers:

Then there are those who doubted Qantas has fact-checked its claim that only 10 percent of passengers listen to music on board:

This Twitter user thinks people aren’t listening to Qantas’ music because it lacks quality:

But neither the opinions of these netizens nor being named as having the world’s fourth best in-flight entertainment has swayed Qantas’ decision.

Spotify, anyone?