Naturally heart-shaped destinations in Asia-Pacific you have to visit

World Heart Day

These places in Asia-Pacific are great reminders for you to look after your heart. Source: Shutterstock.

EVERY YEAR on Sept 29, the World Heart Federation celebrates World Heart Day, a global campaign which focuses on looking after our own hearts and the hearts of our loved ones.

It is the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

World Heart Day resonates with the professional cardiology and healthcare audiences who dedicate themselves to looking after all of our hearts.

And in recent years, more and more of the world’s iconic landmarks, monuments, and buildings have illuminated red in support of it.

In 2017, illuminations were held at iconic venues across the world, including Table Mountain in South Africa, the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, the Singapore Flyer, and the Sky Tower in New Zealand, to name a few.

But in some spots on the planet, Mother Nature has already secretly scattered a couple of reminders for you to look after your heart.

Halfway across the world, there is the X Canyon in Arizona, the US which looks like a heart was dug through a zen garden of sand, and closer to Asia-Pacific, there is the aptly named Lake of Love in Russia.

Each place is unique in their own way, each with a different story – you only need to know where to look.

So in conjunction with World Heart Day, here are some heart-shaped destinations in Asia-Pacific.

Russia: Hamar-Daban

Hamar-Daban Russia Heart

Source: Shutterstock.

Australia: Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay Australia Heart

Source: Pinterest.

Japan: Chichijima Island

Chichijima Island Heart

Source: Shutterstock.

French Polynesia: Tupai

Bora Bora Tupai Heart

Source: Flickr.

Japan: Miyako-jima

Miyakojima Diving Japan Heart

Source: Pinterest

Kazakhstan: Aral Sea

Aral Sea Heart

Source: Google Maps.

Fiji: Tavarua Island

Tavarua Fiji Heart

Source: Pinterest.

Australia: Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Heart

Source: Shutterstock.

Taiwan: Penghu Islands

Penghu Islands Heart

Source: Shutterstock.