Are you guilty of these typical ‘I’m traveling’ Instagram posts?

Traveling Social Media

Not everything is as Instagrammable as you think. Source: Shutterstock.

INSTAGRAM is a handy (and addictive) social media platform that people depend on for inspiration or to curb boredom, or simply for a little dose of sunshine on an otherwise not-so-fantastic day.

Travelers, especially millennials and Gen Z-ers, depend on the photo-sharing app to look up awe-inspiring destinations before planning their next getaway.

And who can blame them? A carefully curated feed of majestic waterfalls, powder white sandy beaches, and glittery skylines are always wanderlust-inducing.

It is true when they say that Instagram is shaping our brunch, lunch, dinner, fashion, beauty, and even travel decisions.

That having said, while Instagram is a great public space for both “travel stalking” and “travel bragging”, it is also awash with a number of typical “I’m traveling” posts that have been done to death.

You know, the ones that are usually taken at the airport: a boarding pass (sometimes tucked in between passport pages), a selfie with the airplane on the tarmac, an airplane meal spread, you name it.

By the way, you should never post pictures of your boarding pass online because you could be giving identity thieves a free ticket into your personal details. Even if you take extra measures to cover your name, information about you can easily be lifted from the barcode.

Something to keep in mind the next time you travel, maybe?

Boarding pass (complete with a nice passport cover)

A cup (or a takeaway cup) of coffee

Or, a glass of wine (or beer)

The walkalator shot from the back

Legs on luggage at the boarding gate

Selfie with the plane on the tarmac

Shot of planes parked at bays

The “My ride is here” shot

First (or business) class bragging

Selfie in seat before takeoff

Airplane wing from the window

Airplane meal spread

And that is just at the beginning of the journey.

People used to travel to expand their horizons, experiencing cultures, learning history, tasting cuisines, picking up languages, and living “like a local”. But now, it has become all about filling up social media feeds with travel bragging rights and repetitive, at times needless, posts.

So, are you guilty of the above typical ‘I’m traveling’ Instagram posts?