#Momcation: What is it? Why do you need one?


Mothers are dropping everything and traveling without their families, not even their children. Source: Shutterstock.

SIMILAR to how #babymoon or #staycation was a trending hashtag topic across all social media platforms, the #momcation (or #mumcation) is quickly gaining traction as more and more mothers are opting to go on holidays.

The pictures show mothers enjoying a getaway on a yacht surrounded by crystal-clear waters, sinking their toes in the sand on a pristine white sand beach, or just simple relishing in a soak in a bathtub.

Here is the catch: they are not on a holiday with their family, not even their children.

Experts are urging mothers to jump on the #momcation trend, to give themselves a break from domestic and family responsibilities, such as having to chase children around the house or balancing a career and chores at home day in and day out.

Sometimes while running on very little sleep.

“Motherhood can be very stressful – whether it’s financial stresses, time stresses, just trying to get a whole lot done in a very short period of time,” psychology professor Dr Nava Silton told Fox5NY.

Silton explained that these breaks are essential to a mother’s wellbeing and therefore good for the children too, adding, “I think it’s really important for mothers to be rejuvenated and refreshed.”

Source: Shutterstock.

During a #momcation, which typically runs from about two or three days to up to a week, moms are able to do whatever they want or better yet, do nothing at all, with other moms or girl friends.

In speaking about her #momcation experience, mom-of-two Judy Khosh gushed to Fox5NY, “I came back, I was a better mom, a more patient mom, a better wife.”

“You learn to appreciate what you have at home because you got to have that break from it all.”

Meanwhile, one other travel trend that is also on the rise is the “honeyboomer” trend, where parents in their 40s and 50s go on a holiday without their children.