Air New Zealand takes it back to the old school in a new safety video

Air New Zealand

The song will be lodged in your head throughout your flight. Source: Air New Zealand.

“IT’S Kiwi to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s safe and fly. It’s Kiwi. It’s Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi.”

Step aside, Delta, Turkish Airlines, and British Airways. Air New Zealand just one-upped everybody with its new safety video.

The upbeat video, which features famous Kiwis including Kiwi actor Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Deadpool 2), local musicians Kings, Theia, and Randa, spoofs Run DMC’s It’s Tricky and Sisters Underground’s In the Neighborhood.

More than 30 local groups across the country including a Wellington dance studio, a volunteer fire brigade from Otago, and a rhythm gymnastics club took part in the filming.

It also features Air New Zealand cabin crew, pilots, engineers, loaders and Dunedin Airport staff.

Filmed in and around New Zealand with a 600-strong cast, it highlights destinations such as Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Balclutha, Hokitika, and Naseby in Central Otago.

A fun and energetic take on the airline’s famous safety videos (this is its 18th since 2009), it celebrates New Zealanders, the diverse groups which make up New Zealand, and the fantastic locations.

Source: Air New Zealand.

“We know this video will make people proud to be New Zealanders, but will also showcase our unique Kiwi culture to the world,” Air New Zealand general manager global brand and content marketing Jodi Williams said in a statement.

“We’ve never had so many people in one safety video before or filmed in so many locations. It’s also been great to change up our formula and do a safety video in the style of a music video. We’re sure everyone is going to love the remixed track It’s Kiwi – while at the same time getting our key safety messages.”

The cast can be seen rocking, popping, and jumping to the beat while the leads Randa and Kings rap lyrics that consists of travel phases (coupled with a dose of cheekiness) frequent fliers would instantly recognize.

For example, “If you need some oxygen, masks will fall from above. Pull down on the mask, a simple but important task. Place over your nose and mouth, pull on both sides of the elastic. Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate, it flows like magic.”

A word of warning though, fliers, this song will be lodged in your head throughout your flight.

And remember, make sure your mask is fitting legit before you go helping the kids.

Air New Zealand’s safety videos have collectively generated more than 157 million views online to date. The It’s Kiwi Safety video has been rolled out across the airline’s fleet.