Introducing the plane that has no dreaded middle seats

This epic great white shark-themed jet is awesome inside and out. Source: Embraer.

HOW many travelers actually like sitting in a middle seat on a long flight? Not many. And for a handful of reasons.

Traveling in the middle seat can damper the entire vacationing experience and it is not only because you will not have a place to rest your head.

There is no actual smidgen of personal space so you will not be able to stretch out, you may have to crawl over someone to get to the bathroom, and you risk having both seatmates nosily peering over your shoulder.

It is no fun. Some flyers dislike the middle seat so much that they have no qualms avoiding it altogether.

According to a 3M-commissioned Global Strategy Group survey, 50 percent of people say they would rather take an aisle seat being offered on the next available flight.

Meanwhile, one in five Americans (20 percent) say they would actually stay overnight at an airport hotel for an aisle seat on the first flight the next morning.

Source: Shutterstock.

But, well, that is all about to change, because Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer has unveiled its new E190-E2 jets which comes with no dreaded middle seats.

At all.

The plane, nicknamed “Shark Profit Hunter” complete with a jaw-dropping out of this world great white shark livery, has been garnering attention as it set out on a world tour in the recent months.

Having already visited the US, Africa, and China, the aircraft will be in Dublin on the final leg of its tour.

Boasting a new 2-2 configuration, it comes with up to 150 seats which will preserve passenger personal space.

This will give the impression of a “wide-body cabin” and the feeling of being on a larger aircraft.

If that is not enough, flyers can also opt for an upgrade to the premium cabin which offers even more space and a staggered seat arrangement. And that is not all.

The “Shark Profit Hunter” also comes with more overhead bin space (40 percent larger) and redesigned windows with larger frames for passengers to peer out of.

According to Embraer, the jet comes with improved fuel efficiency and burns 17 percent less than its predecessor, the E190. The company claims this makes it the most efficient single-aisle aircraft on the market.

Interested in flying with the E190-E2? There are flights currently available with Scandinavian Airlines’ regional subsidiary Widerøe.

Flights with SkyWest, a regional airline affiliate flying for the likes of American Airlines, Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines, will be made available in the near future.