Three Buns: Big on food, even bigger on sustainability

At this hamburger joint in Singapore, sustainability is key. Source: Three Buns / Potato Head Family.

SINGAPORE’S Potato Head Family has unveiled the first stand-alone location in Singapore for their award-winning burger and cocktail brand, Three Buns, at a new home in Robertson Quay.

The launch features a newly curated menu with exclusive combinations and popular signatures, as well as a weekend brunch menu and expertly crafted tropical cocktails at Three Buns Quayside.

More than a hamburger joint, Three Buns is a lifestyle brand centered around like-minded brands, encompassing music, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

True to Potato Head Family’s style and focus, this original concept brings together quality food, unique experiences and lasting memories in this trendy, social space.

Three Buns is helmed by Executive Chef Adam Penney, a veteran at UK’s finest restaurant kitchen.

Adam has worked in the internationally-known Chinawhite and one of London’s most fashionable restaurants, Lonsdale. Before joining Potato Head Keong Saik, he helped open London’s leading burger joint, Patty & Bun, as the head chef.

Adam continues his burger legacy at Three Buns, marrying his rigorous classical training with a deep passion for simple and honest food with hard-hitting flavors.

Source: Three Buns / Potato Head Family.

Expanding from the original Three Buns outlet at Keong Saik Street, Three Buns Quayside stays true to the company’s strong focus on sustainability and their commitment can be seen in many of their practices.

“Beyond just good burgers, it is also about having a positive impact through our business and we believe hospitality can be a powerful tool to inspire society. Potato Head Family’s mission is to be the ‘Best provider of good times but to do good at the same time!’ whether it is about the environment or incorporating the community, it is about giving back in a big way,” Potato Head Family managing partner Ong Seng Hoo told Travel Wire Asia.

At Three Buns Quayside, making cocktail syrups and condiments from unused parts of the fruit such as watermelon rind relish to minimize food waste and using stainless steel straws instead of plastic is a norm.

“The bigger picture in our corporate direction is to build a sustainable business where sustainability is a main part of the business and that we take a conscious approach in everything we do,” Ong explained.

Source: Three Buns / Potato Head Family.

The company’s conscious approach is translated well into the joint’s interior as well, as the 80-seat burger bar is decked out in upcycled interiors and sustainably made furniture crafted by artisans in Surabaya.

“For our new Three Buns outlet in Singapore, we are fitted out with upcycled and sustainable materials such as recycled wood, eco-friendly cement, recycled rubber, all natural materials with the elimination of single used plastics. The wall panels and communal table is all recycled wood and the roof tiles used are from the 1950s old houses in Serangoon Gardens which have been recently demolished,” Ong said.

Even the flooring is all eco-friendly cement and the table tops use all natural timber.

To add on, Potato Head Family has just launched our first zero-waste restaurant in Bali called Ijen which sits inside Potato Head Beach club. The company has worked with the Bali government to clean up beaches and increase awareness of being environmentally conscious, the first hospitality company in Indonesia to take the climate neutral now pledge.

“There was an article published by UNFCCC about us. We have reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills by 76 percent and have established industry benchmarks for further eliminating waste and promoting recycling in Indonesia. We hope to do the same in Singapore,” Ong revealed.

Source: Three Buns / Potato Head Family.

“We are not doing this to be labeled as environmentally friendly or part of CSR, we truly want to create a huge impact on society. Our projects are always done as sustainable as possible because that is what the future needs,” Ong stressed, adding that this ethos will be replicated throughout all of its future outlets.

“Even our clothing merchandise going forward will be made of sustainable and organic materials.”

With locations in Jakarta and Singapore, as well as locations planned for Tokyo, Hong Kong and beyond, Three Buns is poised to become a globally revered brand.

If you are planning to chow down at Three Buns Quayside, you should definitely go for Da Cheese Master, a delicious mess of juicy black Angus beef patty in gooey double cheddar, charred onions, double ketchup, and rich white miso paste.

Vegetarians are taken care of as well as the Trufello, a meat-free burger featuring juicy, whole Portobello mushrooms generously slathered with a rich garlic miso truffle-butter sauce, seared and served together with an indulgent cold slaw with truffle oil is not to be missed.

Then, wash it all down with one of the two new Boozy Milkshakes, whipped up with syrups, sauces, and ice cream which have been made from scratch in-house.

Protip: Three Buns is also a pup-friendly joint. Not only do the people at Three Buns welcome dogs, but they also treat them to the same premium Angus beef patties they serve customers all day, every day – for free!* Kids will also be entertained by a bubble machine and playground on site.

Getting there: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Singapore 238252

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 5pm till 12am, Saturdays to Sundays 10am to 12am.

For more information, visit Three Buns’ Facebook page.

*Applicable with every order of burger and/or dogs.