Escape the sun in one of Nha Trang’s ice cream joints

Where to find the best “kem” in Nha Trang. Source: Holly Patrick.

DID you know that ice cream doesn’t actually come from Italy? Its origins began in China as far back as 3000 BC when chefs began adding flavorings to ice.

Then the great explorer, Marco Polo, introduced this cool concoction to Italy upon his return from traveling the world. Today, it’s the Italians who are often credited with creating this much-loved dessert.

But regardless of where ice cream originated, every nation puts their own unique twist on flavors and serving styles, from traditional chocolate and strawberry to durian (dubbed the “King of the Fruits” ) and candy bar tributes, such as Snickers.

Then there are all the ways to serves this melty treat from waffle cones, chocolate dipped cones, and cone baskets to ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pie, and ice cream milkshakes.

These varieties have helped develop the sweet treat into a multi-billion dollar industry and the Vietnamese seaside city of Nha Trang has certainly scooped up a slice of that ice cream pie.

Nha Trang is known as one of Vietnam’s best beach resort vacation destinations, receiving an average of 6.5 million tourist per year, many of whom flock to the region for the long white beaches, vibrant culinary scene, and a wealth of ice cream parlors.

Here are the three best spots in Nha Trang to cool off with something creamy and delicious between your lips.

Quan Kem Tulip

Every city has at least a few inconspicuous food kiosks.

For example, New York has its movie scene-famous hotdog stands, Singapore has Michelin-starred hawkers, and Nha Trang has roadside ice cream parlours. They’re easily missed but shouldn’t be.

Quan Kem Tulip is set next to a busy junction in Nha Trang, about seven minutes from the beach.

Its plastic chairs and stalls make it look like just another one of the city’s eateries but on closer inspection, you’ll see the fantastic variety of ice cream flavors on offer. Not just mint choc chip, but peppermint too.

Source: Holly Patrick.

Then there’s the glazed cherry with sprinkles, creamy coconut, apple custard, tiramisu, kiwi and so much more.

Enjoy your ice cream alfresco out of a waffle cone bowl as you sit and try to work out how the chaotic harmony of Nha Trang’s roads work.

  • Address: 22 Lê Thánh Tôn, Phường Phước Tiến, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Tân Lập, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am – 9pm.

Moni’s Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream combinations at Moni’s Ice Cream Shop are more like a work of art than just another dessert.

Moni’s Ice Cream Shop has been operating for two decades and constantly developing creative ice cream bowls to appeal to the modern ice cream lover.

Instead of just scooping creaminess into a bowl, Moni’s Ice Cream Shop adds fresh fruits, candy and jelly to their bowls to create a sensory experience.

Some of the most popular flavors on the menu in this chicly-furnished parlor are rich avocado ice cream dolloped with fresh cream, strawberry ice cream over a banana smoothie, sprinkled with crushed peanuts and mango yogurt with chewy tapioca balls.

Source: Holly Patrick.

It’s a perfect after dinner spot to wind down the evening after a day lounging in the sunshine.

  • Address: 110 Ngô Gia Tự, Phước Tiến, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 1pm – 10pm.

Romy’s Italian Ice Cream

Think of the wildest ice cream combinations you can and Romy’s Italian Ice Cream probably has it.

Source: Holly Patrick.

Blue banana? Check. Apple pie? Yep. Mascarpone mulberry? Sure thing. And there are all the traditional flavors too for the classic ice cream lovers.

Romy’s Italian Ice Cream also sells some quirky ice cream setups such as the Mickey Mouse bowl – no explanation needed as to what that one looks like.

But our favorite here is the selection of freshly made sweet and savory waffles. We say go for the blueberry waffle with a side of Snickers ice cream.

Source: Holly Patrick.

The savory peanut flavor in the ice cream perfectly balances the sweetness of the tang blueberry coulis.

  • Address: 1C Biet Thu, Nha Trang, Vietnam.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30am – 10:30pm.