Discover the Japanese suburb that lights up every winter

Okukawachi Illuminage

This is one breathtaking event that you should not miss. Source: Shutterstock.

EVERY WINTER, a gorgeous phenomenon sweeps Japan, featuring brilliant light installments transform cities into a breathtaking visual experience.

Known as yakei, which means “beautiful night views” or “illumination”, the event encourages leisurely strolls around the outdoors for a spot of sightseeing in the dark.

While Japanese destinations such as Sapporo and Nagasaki have been hosting these kaleidoscopic illuminations for years, the tradition is still relatively new in South Osaka.

Held in the Osaka Prefectural Flowers Garden under the theme of do (movement), sei (silence), and “surprising” this year, the Okukawachi Illuminage is the largest illumination event in South Osaka.

The garden is a spacious outdoor park about three times the size of Koshien Stadium, a baseball park located near Kobe in Nishinomiya, boasting lush and colorful flower displays all year round. But come winter, illuminations light up the cold nights, offering stunning views of the blooms.

To enter, you will have to pay a small fee of JPY1,000 (US$8.84). Then, feast your eyes on the sea of colors as festive multi-colored lights and breathtaking installations dot the sprawling park.

From fairy lights to incandescent figures such as angels, unicorns, and animals, the illuminations will astound you at every turn.

Take a stroll down the brightly lit tunnel which will lead you to the garden square, taking in the sights and the sounds as soft music fill the air. Embrace the magical atmosphere, the glowing tree-lined garden and the simulated waterfall of flowing colors.

Of course, do not forget to whip out your smartphone to capture travel brag-worthy pictures and videos.

And if you are feeling peckish, pick up some savory bites and a tummy-warming cup of tea from the little cafe before calling it a night.

The Okukawachi Illuminage will be held from Dec 15, 2018, to March 4, 2019.