Expats will love these Southeast Asian districts

Find out which are the best neighborhoods for you. Source: Shutterstock.

THE number of expatriates moving to Southeast Asia in recent years has increased significantly owing to increased job opportunities and high growth emerging markets in the region.

With better infrastructure and amenities mushrooming in the region’s main urban centers over the past decade alone, coupled with attractive higher living standards comparable to western equivalents, it is little wonder why foreign expatriates are arriving in droves to live and work in Southeast Asian nations.

And with migration comes the need for the foreign workers to find a place they can call home, especially in places where they can mix and mingle among each other in the host nation.

With that in mind, the Asian Correspondent has come up with a list of five popular districts for expat living and accommodation.

Kemang, Jakarta

The construction of Kemang Village in 2013 has given the area a modern-yet-charming village vibe. Source: Shutterstock

Situated along the streets of Jalan Kemang Raya and Jalan Kemang, southwest of Jakarta’s city-center, Kemang is an attractive are for expats due to its proximity to renowned international schools and an array of popular western restaurants and night spots. The myriad of luxury villas and condominiums also make it ideal for the expat community there which are closely knit. The construction of Kemang Village in 2013 has given the area a charming village vibe while imported food was easily accessible at sundry shops that have English-speaking staff.

Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Mont Kiara is attractive due to the availability of international schools, shopping centers, and entertainment outlets. Source: Shutterstock

Known for its high-end accommodation, Mont Kiara which sits on the periphery of the Malaysian capital’s city center offers deluxe bungalows, townhouses and is sprawled with high-rise apartments. Those vying to stay in the city for the long term find Mont Kiara attractive due to the availability of international schools, shopping centers, and entertainment outlets.

Orchard Road, Singapore

green city

A crowd walks along Orchard Road in Singapore. Source: Shutterstock

Singapore’s iconic orchard road offers unrivaled access to amenities in the island-city. According to Expat Living, while Orchard Road is a hive of activity, the surrounding neighborhoods are surprisingly quaint. While rent here comes at a premium rate, residents have Orchard Road’s famous shopping malls at their doorstep, not to mention the variety of cinemas, restaurants, hotels, and other services on offer. The efficient public transportation system in the area also allows one to get by their working lives in the country without having to buy their own vehicle.

Makati, Manila

Makati Skyline at night. Makati is a city in the Philippines` Metro Manila region and the country`s financial hub. It`s known for the skyscrapers and shopping malls. Source: Shutterstock

The bulk of expatriates living in Manila’s famed Makati district comprise American and European expatriates and retirees who have settled in the country for an extended period. Known for its safety, Makati also provides plenty of business office spaces, making the central business district the heart through which the capital’s economy flows, according to website Rent In Makati. Most expats would opt for a condominium unit in locations such as Rockwell, Salcedo Village, and Legaspi Village, among others.

Ari, Bangkok

Great coffee shops and a large range of western foods also allows expats feel close to home. Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes spelled ‘Aree,’ the district is making its name as a rising expat hub in the Thai capital. According to findthaiproperty.com, Ari is an ideal destination for expats and their families due to the accessibility of some of the city’s best restaurants and bars. Great coffee shops and a large range of western food outlets also allows expats feel close to home. With the pace of life being slower than other parts of the city, Ari is considered a great place for expats moving in with their families.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Asian Correspondent.