Which are the most digitally savvy travelers in the world?

Travelers from this Asian country love technology more than anyone else. Source: Shutterstock.

TRAVELERS, especially urban travelers, are big consumers of all things digital.

Not only do they use technology to plan and pay for travel, but technology also accompanies them from the start till the end of their trip.

From snapping pictures and taking videos with their cameras to feverishly updating their social media feeds, and constantly Googling for recommendations on things to do and places to eat, technology is an integral part of the adventure.

But which travelers are considered the most proficient in technology for travel purposes?

According to a global survey by travel commerce platform Travelport which polled 16,200 respondents from 25 countries, Indian travelers are the most digitally savvy.

Of the 1,000 Indian travelers the Travelport surveyed, 88 percent admitted they are influenced to travel by their friends on social media. 69 percent said they have used voice search while researching a trip.

Voice search is a relatively new technology but has been quickly adopted by travelers. It is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by saying terms aloud rather than typing them into a search field.

To add on, Indian travelers are likely never hesitant to reach into their pockets to pull out their smart devices while on holiday as they use 13 apps on average during a trip.

As this group of travelers is the most digitally engaged, they are also quick to embrace technology as compared to other travelers.

Source: Shutterstock.

In fact, over 80 percent agreed that digital boarding passes and e-tickets make traveling easier while more than 60 percent want to use digital room keys and check into a hotel via an app.

But the digital jetsetters would rather book their travel online via a computer (over 85 percent) rather than a tablet (28 percent) or mobile (48 percent).

Unsurprisingly, 71 percent said they will avoid a hotel which charges for WiFi.

“India has grown around the smartphone and it is no surprise to see Indian travelers remain the most digitally engaged in our survey. India, Indonesia, and Nigeria all have large, young populations of ‘digital natives’, which help these countries score in the top five places in our league table,” APACMEA MD Mark Meehan said.

Indonesia came in at number two, a step up from last year’s ranking, followed by Brazil, China, and Nigeria in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively.