Here are your 2019 travels based on your Chinese zodiac

Where will your Chinese zodiac bring you on your travels this year? Source: Shutterstock.

THE Chinese zodiac, a series of a 12-year cycle, is a useful way to understand the Chinese culture.

Whether or not you believe in it, your Chinese zodiac is a window into your personality, career, love prospects, and fortune (good or bad) for the year.

Each zodiac or year is represented by an animal in this order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

According to legend, the order was decided when Buddha called upon the animals to bid him farewell before he left Earth. The animals arrived in the above order.

The year you were born represents your zodiac. For example, if you were born after the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year in 1982, you are a dog. People born in the year of the dog are believed to be loyal, honest, amiable, kind, cautious, and prudent.

This year is the year of the pig. People born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007 are members of this Chinese zodiac. They are believed to be diligent, compassionate, generous, easy-going, and gentle.

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Until today, millions of Chinese people worldwide believe in the predictions which are renewed with every Chinese New Year. In general, your zodiac provides guidance on how you should live your life. But some base their career and even relationships according to the zodiac.

This year, we sought the advice of our friends from Joey Yap Consulting Group, the world’s largest and most successful feng shui consulting firm, to identify the predictions for travelers for the coming year.

Here is what you should know:

Rat 2019

It is all about friendships and mingling for the rats in 2019.

They need to increase their social circle as it is filled with helpful people to assist them in most of their endeavors.

Their likability and sex appeal increases and the singles should go out and mingle.

  • Destinations: Business or networking countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Denmark.
  • Activities: Salsa classes, pole-dancing classes, social events, and networking meets.

Ox 2019

The ox this year will look a little more inward and spend more alone time. Their soul-searching journey may lead them to find mentors or masters which they can learn from.

They will also spend time picking up something new for their wellbeing.

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  • Destinations: Spiritual places such as Bali or India. Seek out pilgrimages or beach destinations to relax.
  • Activities: Learn fly yoga, take on yoga courses, or metaphysics courses.

Tiger 2019

The tiger will have a very busy year ahead, chasing wealth opportunities and partnerships.

They will benefit from women’s help this year or if they are involved in women-centric industries.

  • Destinations: Outbacks, wildlife-centric, relaxation (forestry), ski-countries.
  • Activities: Hit the gym or the spa, have a dose of adventure sports such as sky diving or skiing.

Rabbit 2019

The rabbit has it all this year: wealth opportunities, partnerships, personal relationships, and most of all fame.

They will be seen and heard throughout the year and with flair.

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  • Destinations: Countries with great landmarks such as Egypt (pyramids), Japan (Mount Fuji), and Australia (Sydney Opera House), Instagrammable countries, boutique hotels, and work and play destinations such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York.
  • Activities: Speakeasy bars, unique and quirky landmarks.

Dragon 2019

Dragons are on a roll relationship-wise this year. After a turbulent 2018, it is time for dragons to get out there and meet their soulmate.

They have a tendency to splurge on luxury or anything they have had their eye on for a while now.

  • Destinations: Romantic countries such as Monaco, Santorini, France, and Venice or luxury shopping in France, Italy, or Hong Kong.
  • Activities: Couples’ spa, sleep under the stars (camping), viewing the northern lights (aurora borealis), or staying on a private beach or in a private villa.

Snake 2019

Snakes are avid travelers this year, be it for business or for leisure.

Everything they see will bring them inspiration, filling them with great ideas to work on. Snakes tend to spend on experiences, knowledge, and value.

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  • Destinations: Countries full of culture and lifestyle such as India, South America, Japan, Tibet, or South Africa, or luxury travels travel to Bhutan, Maldives, or Bora Bora.
  • Activities: Visit the wonders of the world, Unesco World Heritage sites, or cultural places.

Horse 2019

Horses have an abundance of problem-solving skills this year. They also seem to have the capability to manage, run and execute big scale undertakings, much like a General.

Their interest in acquiring more properties also increases.

  • Destinations: Germany or “giants of the world” such as China and the US.
  • Activities: The Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, significant landmarks of power and acquisition, and places of colonization.

Goat 2019

Goats are the most artistic of all this year.

Their creativity and ability to think out of the box increases and they will always be searching for a lot of ideas and inspiration to cater to the niche market.

The one thing they need to take care of is their stress level and health.

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  • Destinations: Countries with detox retreats and spas such as Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), and Malaysia.
  • Activities: Visit art museums or art bazaars, rejuvenate at a spa.

Monkey 2019

Monkeys are all about eating, mingling, and socializing this year.

Their networking capacity is at an all-time high and they are most likely to be invited to all events and parties.

The more they mingle the more likely to encounter their nobleman or business opportunities.

  • Destinations: Amsterdam, Ibiza, Koh Samui, Bangkok, London, or New York.
  • Activities: Clubbing, full moon parties, street carnivals, gastronomy tourism, and event launches.

Rooster 2019

Roosters are all about learning this year.

They want to upgrade themselves and they have a sudden thirst for knowledge.

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  • Destinations: China, UK, or France.
  • Activities: Study abroad, learn a foreign language, visit libraries or places of literature.

Dog 2019

Dogs are set to have a very happy year, especially when it concerns the family.

This year will be all about creating lasting memories and spending quality time with the family.

  • Destinations: Family friendly countries such as Slovenia, Melbourne, or New Zealand.
  • Activities: Visit theme parks (Disneyland, Legoland, or Universal Studios), family cruise, zoo, wildlife sanctuaries, rent a family caravan.

Pig 2019

Pigs are the boss the year hence they want to be seen at all the high-end places meeting with the people who matter.

They will also have a lot on their plate and will need to find the time to rest and relax in style.

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  • Destinations: Monaco, Switzerland, Dubai, or Aspen.
  • Activities: Fine dining, visiting Insta-worthy high-end landmarks such as visiting the Burj in Dubai.

This article was written in collaboration with Joey Yap Consulting Group consultant Mindy Yoong.