Malaysia waives visa for these travelers

Fantastic news for Indian passport holders traveling to Malaysia. Source: Shutterstock.

FROM now until Dec 31, 2019, travelers from India and those holding an Indian passport will not need to obtain a visa to enter Malaysia.

Previously, Indian nationals were required to apply for a visa prior to the journey.

Application is easy. Travelers will just need to register via Electronic Travel Registration & Infomation (eNTRI) either personally or through a trusted travel agency.

To register, a passport valid for six months, a passport size photo, a confirmed return ticket, and proof of accommodation will be required.

After the traveler has successfully registered for eNTRI, the traveler will need to print out the eNTRI note, which will be issued as proof of registration, and present it to the immigration officer upon arrival.

The traveler will also need to furnish a boarding pass, return ticket, sufficient funds (cash/debit or credible credit cards), a complete travel itinerary, and proof of residence in Malaysia.

Source: Shutterstock.

Applicants must travel to Malaysia within 90 days after they have successfully obtained an eNTRI note. The eNTRI note is only valid for a single journey to Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days per entry without any extension of the period.

However, the eNTRI note does not in any way guarantee the applicant the right to enter Malaysia as it is at the sole discretion of the immigration officer at the entry point.

To add on, applicants will be subjected to a 90-day cooling off period before they can re-enter Malaysia using the visa waiver program.

The cost to register is US$20 (IDR1,420)

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