Malaysia’s first indoor theme park gets a new lease of life

Explore Resorts World Genting’s carnival wonderland, your portal to a new dimension of fun. Source: Lainey Loh.

IN 1978, Resorts World Genting opened an Amusement & Recreation (A&R) Park, Malaysia’s first indoor theme park, with only three rides.

Over the years, it saw new additions such as Malaysia’s first rollercoaster, video simulator games, children’s rides, retail outlets, and other signature attractions, and welcomed millions of travelers.

In 2002, it was rebranded to the 500,000 square foot First World Indoor Plaza and Theme Park.

The attraction saw more than 20 million visitors walking through and enjoying the indoor theme park with more than 1,000,000 tickets sold a year before its closure in 2017.

As part of the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP), it was to be revamped to accommodate the new look and feel the resort was recreating. This shift in paradigm and outlook enabled Resorts World Genting to offer a new “funland” for guests of all ages.

In December 2018, after closing for nearly one and a half years, Resorts World Genting soft opened its new indoor entertainment space, known as the new Skytropolis Funland.

This newly revamped indoor theme park is a portal to a new dimension of fun, which will take guests on thrilling adventures and adrenaline-packed rides. From its entrance with actual moving gears to the thousands of colorful light bulbs that deck out each ride, every inch of the indoor theme park promises extreme fun.

The Skytropolis Funland located spread across four floors is nothing but colorful and vibrant.

With mega large LED screens on the walls and even on the ceiling (over 50 meters in length) that light up the park, the new Skytropolis promises an unforgettable time for the whole family.

For the opening, 13 rides have been introduced, whilst nine more will follow suit. Covering 400,000 square feet, the indoor theme park includes The VOID hyper-reality center, Imaginatrix that combines physical rides with virtual reality and the BigTop Video Games Park.

Divided into the child, family, and thrill categories, each ride has been specifically designed with a glorious and kaleidoscopic atmosphere.

For children, things can start off merrily in the Ride ‘Em Round, a classic carousel of pastiche elephants, lions, and horses, whirling around at speed. Then, pick up the pace in the Whirly Bugs ride or the Boo Boo Bump bumper cars before getting on the Loop De Loop.

Adults can get in on the fun as well with rides meant for the whole family to enjoy.

First, get the adrenaline started with the Copper Express vintage train as it “choo choo”s its way along a 61-meter track, providing a stunning visual tour of Skytropolis Funland.

Aspiring astronauts will love Space Cadets, which elevates and spins passengers around for an exhilarating exploration of the solar system.

Then, bring things down to earth with a regal spin on the Royal Carousel or stay up in the sky in emulation of Phileas Fogg and his journey around the world in 80 days in the Balloon Race.

Source: Lainey Loh.

For the brave, there are a handful of thrill rides which will up the adrenaline ante.

Hop on the Sky Tower, which will take guests up to the top of an art deco tower at a leisurely pace before dropping them at thrilling speeds to the base. Alternatively, challenge your orientation on Disco!, a ride which will swirl you around in a disco ball on a rollercoaster track.

If you are not particularly afraid of heights, head for the Eagle Landing Zipline, the longest in a shopping mall in Malaysia, which stretches 200 meters across the indoor theme park, four floors from the ground.

Let’s not forget the Spin Crazy, which offers the world from very different angles when it loops 360 degrees in the air around a central axis.

Of course, no theme park is complete without treats and snacks. Recharge your energy at any of the eight F&B kiosks dotted around Skytropolis Funland.

These F&B joints serve up a wide range of treats which will titillate the taste buds, from piping hot Hong Kong bubble waffles served with ice cream to hearty Malaysian delights such as nasi lemak and meat skewers.

Pay-per-ride tickets are priced at RM10 from Mondays to Fridays and at RM15 on Saturdays to Sundays, public holidays, eve of public holidays, and on school holidays.

For those looking for an unlimited experienced based on the available rides, the Skytropolis Funland preview pass is available at RM60.

The Skystroplis Funland tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counters or at the self-service ticketing kiosks. Alternatively, preview passes may be purchased online here.