These hotels are winning the hospitality game

How some hotels have gone the extra mile to provide you with little luxuries you probably never knew you needed. Source: Shutterstock.

HOTELS are stepping up their game to provide you with perks for an elevated travel experience.

From offering exciting packages to the flexibility you are sure to appreciate, to teching up for a seamless experience and going out of their way with bespoke services so you can make only the best memories.

Convenience is key, and if your chosen hotel is pet-friendly, then you will never have to board your furkid in a pet hotel when you want to slip away for a staycation.

Similarly, some hotels have taken it upon themselves to stylize specific family suites and kids’ clubs so you and your family will not have to resort to often uncomfortable extra roll-in beds or worry about comfort for the entirety of your treasured quality time.

But some hotels have gone the extra mile to provide you with little luxuries you probably never knew you needed.

These hotels are hands down winning the hospitality game:

A very techy check-in

Once upon a time that was not too long ago, Japan’s Henn Na hotel engaged an all-robot staff with the aim of becoming the most efficient hotel in the world. A whopping total of 243 robots made up its staff, from robot receptionists to robot porters.

Everything at Henn Na is handled by machines from check-in to check-out. Guests can even open their hotel rooms using facial recognition and turn on and off the lights using voice commands.

Source: Shutterstock.

Note: Henn Na hotel has since fired half its robot staff for failing to perform simple tasks.

Robot delivery

In 2014, Starwood, one of the world’s largest hotel companies, rolled out two robotic “Botlrs” in their Cupertino Aloft Hotel.

Built by Savioke, these robotic butlers can perform tasks in the front of the house and the back of the house, as well as navigate around guests and use elevators. It can even bring you your late-night needs including drinks, snacks, extra towels, and even toilet paper.

“When the robot arrives at the room, the guest can enter in a rating on the robot’s touchscreen, or offer a tip in the form of a tweet to the hashtag #MeetBotlr,” TechCrunch wrote.

Control your bidet via remote

Electronic bidet-style toilets, which combines the function of a toilet and a bidet, are nothing new in East Asian countries like South Korea or Japan.

Most of these fancy toilets come with a function bar on either side of the seat or attached to the wall, with symbols to indicate the functions such as power (on or off), stop, front wash, back wash, seat temperature, warm water, dry, flush, and many more.

Source: Lainey Loh.

Some hotels have even taken the innovation one step further by allowing guests to control the washlet via a remote control pad on the wall so you will not have to awkwardly stretch for it or lose your balance in the process.

Easy come, easy go shower

Every hotel is different, and there is no knowing how long you will have to fumble with the shower knob before getting the water temperature to an optimum level for your shower.

With that in mind, this hotel has installed the shower valve on the opposite wall from the showerhead so you will not get wet while turning the water on and waiting for it to warm up.

Source: reddit.

Stain-free makeup towel

Some hotels have cleverly worked their way around guests leaving unsightly makeup stains on their fluffy white cotton towels.

And that is by providing a separate dark towel specifically for removing makeup.

Source: reddit.

It is a smart move plus this guarantees no more unsightly mascara smears or lip tint stains on white towels.

Staying connected hassle-free

This is going to be any guest’s ultimate travel buddy.

Handy is an Android smartphone some hotels provide in the hotel room, and it can be used to make local and international calls as well as a city guide so you can discover destinations to visit.

It comes with unlimited data to save you from having to data roam internationally so you will not have to worry about a monumentally expensive phone bill after.

Source: Tink Labs.

This means you also will not have to fear of your losing your SIM card in “transit” when you are swapping it out for a local one or having to care for an extra gadget, i.e., a WiFi router while you are out and about exploring the city.

“Company” while you shower

If you are particularly iffy about being alone in a hotel room while you shower because you have watched way too many horror flicks, then mirror TVs are going to be your best friend.

More and more hotels have been using mirror TVs in the guest’s main rooms and bathrooms, which is basically a TV built right into the mirror, so you can get the latest news, weather updates, and TV shows or movies even while you shower.

When the TV is switched off, it serves perfectly as a standard mirror. Needless to say, this is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.