This country will deny you entry if your passport isn’t in perfect condition

Indonesia has turned away more than a handful of Australian travelers since before Christmas last year. Find out why. Source: Shutterstock.

FREQUENT travelers would know that there are a lot of boxes to tick before traveling.

This includes a well-packed luggage and a carry-on bag (if need be), local as well as foreign currency and credit cards, the necessary visa and paperwork, and not only a valid passport but also one that is in perfect condition.

Especially if you are jetting off to the vast Southeast Asian archipelago of Indonesia.

Recently, 16-year-old Lexi Karakostas from Melbourne, Australia took a six-hour flight to the Indonesian paradise island of Bali only to be turned away from the immigration desk.

The young traveler, who was traveling to meet up with her friend’s family, was allegedly carrying a passport which had slight damage to the spine.

Upon arrival, she was stopped and questioned by immigration, who raised concern over the condition of the passport, reported.

Following a discussion with immigration officials, she was then told she would not be able to enter the country and would be on a flight home to Melbourne instead, which left Karakostas hysterical.

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Indonesia’s move to tighten up entry restrictions on damaged passports is part of a wider initiative to stop illegal immigration.

The country’s officials have left it up to airlines to implement the rule for all international arrivals to Indonesia, failing which, the airline will be fined AUD5,000 (US$3,578).

Bali is a wildly popular destination for Australian travelers, with more than a million Australians visiting Bali last year. However, more than 20 reports of Australian travelers have been denied boarding since before Christmas.

Indonesia’s officials have given no indications as to what constitutes a passport of acceptable quality.

Of course, your passport is bound to go through a lot of wear and tear if you are a frequent traveler, but there are ways to show it some love. Such as investing in a passport case or holder, and storing it out of reach of children or animals.

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Also, always keep your passport dry. This means ensuring it does not accidentally get thrown into the washing machine along with your jacket.

Last but not least, check your passport thoroughly before traveling anywhere.