What you need to know about this one-of-a-kind coffee sanctuary in Asia

Find out why this Starbucks outlet in Bali, Indonesia is one-of-a-kind. Source: Starbucks.

STARBUCKS already has more than a dozen outlets in the Indonesian paradise island of Bali but the latest addition to the coffee-loving family is hands down its most one-of-a-kind yet.

Called the Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, the store pays tribute to Indonesia’s importance as the fourth-largest Arabica coffee growing country in the world. Indonesia is also famous for its single-origin from Sumatra, a staple offering at Starbucks since 1971.

“The Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary amplifies our passion for the coffee journey, our ongoing commitment to Indonesia’s rich coffee culture, and our tireless pursuit of fostering moments of connection between our partners and customers,” Starbucks Coffee Company chief executive officer Kevin Johnson said.

“This is Starbucks at its best, and we are proud to open the doors of this unique experience in one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic markets.”

Source: Starbucks.

Unlike other Starbucks outlets, the Dewata Coffee Sanctuary bears an authentically Balinese logo crafted in the Geringsing Double Ikat technique (a traditional weaving technique) which is found only on the island.

At 20,000 square feet, it is the largest Starbucks destination in Southeast Asia. Here, visitors can experience an interactive journey of coffee from seed to cup.

Inside, the cafe is filled with authentically Indonesian artwork, from the 30 foot-tall, hand-carved wooden mural from Jepara featuring a depiction of the history of coffee in Indonesia to locally-created bamboo installation inspired by the smoke, steam, and vapor that create the familiar aroma of coffee.

Source: Starbucks.

Around the store, visitors will be enchanted by the surrounding flora, bringing the unique Indonesian environment inside. Trees throughout the space are planted in beautiful clay pots inspired by a traditional Sumatran pattern and the Starbucks Siren.

And here comes the fun part.

Once guests have taken in all the sights and the smells, Starbucks partners (employees) will guide customers through trying their hand at coffee bean de-pulping and washing during harvest season, drying and raking coffee beans, and checking out the seedling nursery.

Source: Starbucks.

There are also two digital experiences – an interactive digital wall and media room – which guests can engage with and deepen their coffee knowledge with information on how coffee is planted, processed, roasted, shipped and brewed.

Finally, visitors are invited to the tasting room where the familiar taste of Starbucks Sumatra and other coffees are brought to life. They can kick back and enjoy coffee as professionals do – without a filter and with just water.

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Starbucks’ Dewata Coffee Sanctuary is the 10th Starbucks Reserve Bar store in Indonesia, one of 185 stores around the world, with the majority in Asia.

In China, the brand has worked with Alibaba to open Shanghai Reserve Roastery, the company’s highest grossing store in the world, with daily sales double the amount the average US store makes in one week.